Jan 22 2012

A Bone to Pick…

Pegging, as we all know...is a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man’s anus with a strap-on dildo.

Pegging is not a man penetrating a woman's ass with his cock.

Pegging is not a woman penetrating a woman's ass (or vagina) with a strap-on dildo.

Pegging is a heterosexual term which does not involve a woman's anus.

So...as I wrote to the owner of the popular Tumblr blog - "poking & pegging"...WTF? There is nary a pegging photo in sight! Not a one! Lots and lots of photos of impossibly large porn-type cocks in porn-type women's asses...some blow jobs...some tits.

Not. One. Pegging.

Misleading blog name.

All those poor people looking for some hot pegging photos....how sad.

Okay. Rant over.

And just in case any of you need a visual...This is pegging.



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  1. Clearly we need to revoke your “Porning & Pegging Surfing” card cus of your obvious lack of persistence in searching for pegging pics on that site. Hours of poking around in the archive shows the last pegging pic was in January of 2011, with numerous pegging pics back into November 2010 and September 2010. Granted a number of the pegging pics are duplicates but it would not be fair to reprimand the site owner with the poking of WTF stick. Clearly the site owner is into that other kind of heterosexual anal sex (not that there is anything wrong with that!) and it must be that their brains have been distracted for the past 12 months with Facebook poking.

    In defense of that site owner, they may have been influenced by the potential poking of the internet by the possible passage of SOPA and decided to suck it up with some picks of oral sex instead. While this sucks for us pegging aficionados, you may have overstepped your bounds as a blogging juggernaut and poked the porn gods in the proverbial ass without their consent with your humongous 100 word rant.

    i call on you to follow the concepts of SSC, GGG, RACK, CBT, and, WAM in your reviews of competing blogs and take the high road in criticizing their shortcomings. Let’s not let this degenerate into a contest to see who has the biggest pokie thingie cus that would suck.

    As a long time reader of your blog, i look forward to more of your hot stories and pics, informative product reviews, and, receiving more of your poking and probing. um, of my brain, that is.

  2. Subbie_333 – That was hysterical! Thank you for that much needed dose of humor. Well done and much appreciated!

  3. the woman in the gif is certainly enjoying herself lol. pegging is so powerful that once i got into it that is the only thing i watch now!

  4. Ruby I have been following you for sometime. I finally got up the nerve to approach my wife. I bought a share and the results were amazing for us both. I came like a volcano but not before she came twice. She tends to gush when she cums so the added sensation of her warm fluids running down over my hole was amazing to say the least. Although a bit awkward we are so pleased with the result. So sensuous and sexy. Brought us to a new level of intimacy. Can’t wait to do it again

    1. Good for you for finding the courage to approach your wife!! Well done. And now you are reaping the benefits, as it were. “A new level of intimacy” – I hear that echoed so often. And I love hearing it every time. Yes!

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