February 2012 archive

Feb 28 2012

Fair Trade Porn?

I am looking forward to the day when porn begins to accurately represent the actual desires of the people who view it…when the performers are not subjected to things we’d rather not think about in the real world but all too often watch in porn. I would love to know that porn actors are being …

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Feb 22 2012

Where Did You Wear It?

Awesome new website that lets you tell the world every time you have safe sex! Did you have sex and wear a condom? Put a marker on the map where it all went down! “Where Did You Wear It?”

Feb 20 2012

Dan Savage

This is a part of Dan’s introduction to his podcast this week (#278) He was talking about conservative opposition to abortion, homosexuality and contraception. Abortion, contraception, homosexuality, it is all about – all 3 issues – are about the non-baby-making sex that you’re not supposed to be having. They don’t want to bring the abortion …

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Feb 19 2012

Yes, She’s Hot

Attention Aspiring Peggers I want to reassure you about appearances. Women who are new to pegging often worry about how they will look once they actually strap on that dildo. Once the straps are fastened down and it is snugged up tight against them…it might feel good, but how will it look? Will they look …

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Feb 17 2012

Misinformation Central

This video is funny and scary and stupid and sad…all at once! And I am fairly sure it is NOT a parody, despite how it appears. Oh, Jocelyn Elders, you were so ahead of your time… And for the record – Planned Parenthood Rocks.    

Feb 16 2012

Dating Discombobulation

I was just lying in a lovely hot bath with an excellent article I printed out for some relaxing reading. The article is from the blog “Positive Juice” where a guy named Mitch writes some very thought-provoking stuff. The particular article I was reading is  “The Destructiveness of the Modern Idea of Masculinity”. Very interesting. …

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Feb 14 2012

This One…

This picture really turns my crank. Even if it’s a bit of a size queen scenario….Wow.    

Feb 13 2012

Tips For a Newbie

Hi Ruby, I love the contribution and changes you have brought to the site, thank you. I have been playing with my hubby’s butt for years, but I have yet to achieve the prostate orgasm. I recently have found his spot and started to finger him and stimulate him this way. I have a few …

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Feb 12 2012

Equal Rights Again

Gay Marriage okay in Washington state! Here is a lovely opinion article by a reverend about how he changed his mind about gay marriage.   And here is Republican Representative Maureen Walsh with her heartfelt speech.      

Feb 11 2012

FemDom Magazine Interview

Blowing my own horn, here. An interview with me on FemDom online magazine!    

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