September 2012 archive

Sep 30 2012

He’s Still….Not Gay

I’m in the mood for brevity and plain talk.. Every month I remind all of you – especially the new readers – that men who enjoy pegging are not automatically gay just because they like to be fucked in the ass. In the 30 or so days between these regular “No, He’s Not Gay” posts …

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Sep 29 2012

Eye Candy

Thanks to Ryder for this one – she’s a beauty!  

Sep 28 2012

A Creative “No Thanks”

(With Apologies to the Doctor)   I do not like dicks here or there. I do not like them anywhere.   I do not like it Sam, I am. I do not like things in my can. I do not like them made of glass. I do not want them up my ass.   I …

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Sep 27 2012

An Irresponsible Distance

The things I find on the internet…!   In response to a thread in which a man said his girlfriend wanted to do his ass with the dildo he bought her. He was unsure and soliciting advice.   Just try it, it’s pretty decent. I can’t orgasm from it, but if my penis is stimulated …

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Sep 26 2012

Reader Question

Hi, I’m **** and I’m from Spain. I have a stable relationship with my girlfriend. I met her more than 5 years ago. Since 2 or 3 years, I receive anal pleasure from her, first with fingers and after have talked with her, we incorporated a little dildo in our games. I love to being …

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Sep 24 2012

Podcast #15

Pegging Paradise – Podcast #15 ↑↑↑ Click here to download podcast… ↑↑↑ ♥ CatalystCon adventures detailed! ♥ Jennifer Pritchett ♥ Reid Mihalko – ♥ Ned and Maggie Mayhem – ♥ Charlie Glickman – ♥ Carole Queen – ♥ Ducky Doolittle – ♥ Tammy Nelson – ♥ Francisco Ramirez – …

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Sep 22 2012

Dinner With Cock Shots

The vanilla dating adventure continues. Tonight I had dinner with a lovely man who looked for all the world to be a very conservative guy from his pics and profile. He wasn’t scared away when I told him I write erotica, though. Nice, for a self-confessed vanilla guy. We had dinner and talked for a …

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Sep 20 2012

Reader Questions

My partner and I were looking for some pegging videos but had not found any nice onces. Then we found this site which has some great info. We’re new to this, only having had 3 nights over the last month. The 3rd time was great as I got him in my stockings; it was dead …

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Sep 19 2012

Craigslist Strikes Again

Craig’s list? Yep. So how is it that I find people talking about pegging on Craig’s list to begin with, you ask? I’m kinda geeky and have Google alerts for the word ‘pegging’. Because anywhere that anyone is talking about the sexual kind of pegging I wanna know about it. Not the memory kind of pegging …

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Sep 17 2012

Podcast #14

Pegging Paradise Podcast #14 ↑↑↑ Click here to download podcast… ↑↑↑ ♥ CatalystCon sweetness! ♥ I make a deal with you ♥ Listen to my boatload of information and semi-rant about toxic toys and… ♥ I’ll read you some erotica ♥ Stay with me here ♥ Prop 65 ♥ ♥ As promised “Lust and …

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