Dec 05 2012

Podcast #25

Babeland Strapon Stewardesses at the LA Love Expo

Pegging Paradise Podcast #25

❤ Prostate, butt plugs and parties? I'm in.

❤ Aneros solo toys good intro for reluctant peggee

❤ Prostate health, Aneros' two websites, prostate massage

❤ She lost a lot of weight but still is self-conscious about her body during pegging - hubby wants to help

❤ Enema play results in lots of orgasms for everyone!

❤ Glad if my words lighten your load, ease your concerns and help to educate you

❤ A short dating story. (The story is short - he is not...and we are still dating.)



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High Island Health

Reid Mihalko


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  1. Now I wonder if there are any female urologists out there who secretly love giving prostate exams. Maybe they’re just waiting for a patient to respond correctly and ask for a second finger…or a third.

    Sounds like a great way to get more men to go to their prostate check-up more regularly.

    1. It’s a fun fantasy but not worth the risk of malpractice, I would assume. Maybe they go home to their husbands and do a little prostate massage, though! Perhaps even pegging.

  2. At the danger of turning your site into “Prostate Paradise”, I wonder if you’ve experience/comments/opinions/knowledge of longish term male orgasm denial (perhaps with chastity play involved)?

    Are there “dangers” to the prostate of being denied release longer than a certain interval – particularly if there is intense & frequent ‘edging’ occurring? Is prostate milking an acceptable/adequate method of draining the seminal fluid? Or is an orgasmic ejaculation the “best” way (in terms of prostate health) to release?

    1. Just wanted to let you know this is slated for podcast at some point – just need to do some research first – thanks for the comment/question!

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