Podcast #26


Pegging Paradise Podcast #26

❤ The woman in podcast #24 whose boyfriend was reluctant to let her near his ass with anything more than a finger? Yeah - she's got a plan and it's workin'!

❤ A reader wonders what the music is that I use for these podcasts...

❤ An older domme who has had some amazing adventures including pegging and domination tries to convince herself she should hang up the toys and grow up. I disagree. Vehemently.

❤ My friend who wrote the article "Vanilla to Pegger - One Man's Story" offers up another story...of his trip to the East Coast and his first encounter with a professional domme who gave him the pegging of his life! Story posted here.



Strap-on Master Class

Boogie Night Music from NeoSounds

"Vanilla to Pegger - One Man's Story"

Miss Lauren in Philadelphia


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  1. Hey Ruby – its Becca. Also known as “The Unfortunate Girlfriend with an Ass Tease for a boyfriend.”

    First comment on here so hello everyone. Thanks for responding yet again… A update on operation Deep Discovery is winging it’s way to you soon but first, a spot of shopping is required after listening to your podcasts ; )

    Also just to confirm yes, that is the video I was referring to in my email! Thanks for posting it as I’d lost the link…

    Until the next time – Kinky Holidays folks, have a merry time!

    1. Hey Becca,
      How novel to have the phrase “Ass Tease” applied to a man – honored that it is here on my website! I welcome, enjoy, relish and appreciate women who participate in conversations about pegging, especially the ones who will jump on the comment threads once in a while. Glad to have you here and glad to hear things are progressing. 😉

      Aneros is having a sale!

  2. Dear Reader who visited Miss Lauren and wrote Ruby about it.

    Thank you for such a hot story, thank you Miss Lauren for such a hot scene, and thank you Ruby for reading it so, so well. I was driving down I-210 with full wood listening to that. At least its a white collar freeway…

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