Podcast #27


Pegging Paradise Podcast #27

❤ Lying about your age on internet dating sites (Another Ruby Rant)

❤ Bizarre computer dating "matches" and No sex before marriage?

❤ She started off pegging enthusiastically but since his temporary problem with constipation she seems unwilling to take it back up again

❤ He's working on getting her to peg him - a finger so far and happy about it

❤ Happily married, wants more than her finger (that SHE introduced him to) but fearful of broaching the subject of pegging

❤ Milestone for Ruby and some reflections on the need for open conversations about sexuality



AVN news about Aneros' suit against Nexus and resolution

Post talking about best vibrating prostate massagers

 Aneros Sale (Expires 12-24)

Dan Savage - Savage Love Podcast

Francisco Ramirez


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