Miss Lauren

(This story is from a friend of mine who went to see a very real professional domme for the first time, Miss Lauren.)

I had always wanted to see a professional domme, to experience submitting to a woman. It was a big fantasy for me so I set out to find one. It just happened that I had a business trip coming up and some down time during my stay so the timing was perfect. I searched around and finally came upon Miss Lauren's profile. She had the perfect profile; sweet face, sexy photos of her wearing stockings and sheer black pantyhose which were my favorites. So I sent her an introduction email  inquiring if she was available. In my email I told her what I was looking for and she replied that she had the same interests as i did and to give her a call.

We chatted on the phone and immediately I was drawn to her sweet voice. She was nice, friendly and direct, asking me what I liked and what I did not. We had a great phone conversation, so we set a time to meet. She told me to be shaved, cleaned, and to bring some lingerie, panties and stockings. I was so excited I could hardly wait for our encounter.

The day arrived for our meeting. Feeling thrilled and expectant, I got ready as she requested, taking care of my business. Then I headed to meet her. She told me that she had a well-stocked dungeon but I had no idea what was in store for me. I arrived at her house on time and she met me at the door. She was wearing a simple black dress, black heels and stockings. She looked sexy as hell! She invited me in and we chatted for a bit. I asked her where I should change but she told me to stay dressed and to follow her. She led me down stairs to her dungeon. I was a bit apprehensive but intrigued. There was every sort of toy and device I could imagine and some that I had never seen before.

She instructed me to get naked, fold up my clothes and place them in the corner of the room. I quickly did as I was told. She sat down on a bench and had me kneel in front of her naked. As I sat in front of her I could see up her skirt which was thrilling. She then proceeded to tell me that while I was there she owned me and I was to do as I was told. She directed me to address her as mistress or Miss Lauren.

"Yes Mistress", I replied. As a sign of my devotion I was to kiss her feet. I gently took one leg and kissed the tops of her shoes and her stocking covered ankles. I repeated on her other leg. Next she placed a collar around my neck and attached a leash. Then she started to undress very seductively. Slowly she took off her dress and what was left was a satin black chemise with garters holding up her stockings. She turned around and shook her ass in my face.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes Mistress, you have a beautiful ass."

"Good boy, we are going to have some fun now!" She led me around the dungeon with the leash while I was on my knees. Kind of how a master leads a dog around. She then took me into a back room, to the sissy room.

She had me stand up and proceeded to inspect me, to make sure I followed her instructions. I had and she was pleased. Next she took out a pair of black lace panties and put them on me. I immediately got aroused. She loved that lingerie aroused me and proceeded to give me a nice stroke. Then I sat down and she took my legs and put black stockings on them. After that she started looking for something to complete the set. She finished dressing me in a black sheer baby doll, garter belt and black pumps. She loved dressing me up like a slut, but there was one thing missing. So she took out some fake silicone boobs and stuffed my bra.

"Now you look like a sexy slut!" She said as she groped my fake boobs. Then she lead me back to the dungeon by the leash. I had never worn heels before so I tried to follow her, ridiculously off-balance.

She took me back to the bench and told me to lay on my back. She then tied my hands over my head to the bench and my feet to the other end. After I was secured she then started to tease me, she got on top me and started rubbing her breasts in my face.

"Do you like my breasts?"

"Yes Mistress I do."

Then she turned around and started to wave her perfect ass in my face again.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes Mistress. May I kiss your butt?"

"Yes you may."  So I kissed both cheeks. She undid her garters so she could take off her black panties. I could smell how turned on she was now. She then proceeded to wad up her panties and stick them in my mouth. I didn't know what to say and couldn't say anything because I was gagged.

"I don't normally do this for my slaves but I like you."

As she was waving her naked ass and pussy in my face she asked,

"I bet you would like to stick your dick in my ass, wouldn't you?" All I could do was nod my head and try to make a sound like yes. She had such a sexy smooth ass, I'd love to stick my dick in, but I was there to please her and do what she wanted so not today. Then she took off her bra and did more of a strip tease. She was almost completely naked except her stockings and black heels. She started to squat over me, rubbing her ass and pussy all over my chest and face. Kind of squatting and bouncing up and down. Then she took her panties out of my mouth. She pulled my rock hard cock out of my panties and proceeded to play with my cock. Next she took her panties and tied them really tightly around my cock, like a cock ring. I didn't know what to think but I was enjoying every minute.

"Are you ready to get fucked, my slut?"

"Yes I am, Mistress.'

She untied me from the bench and led me over to a bend over type of chair. There was a place for me to kneel and put my knees and then a slanted part that I was to lean over. She secured my ankles and then my arms. My head was angled down towards the ground and my ass was up in the air. All I could think of was that song that says face down ass up.

"Now for my favorite part", she said. She disappeared for a few minutes and came back. I lifted my head to see her wearing a black Spare Parts Theo harness. Now I knew she was a pro at fucking a man's ass; she had the good equipment! She knew what she was doing. She then slipped a nice 6" dildo into the harness and stroked it a few times. She wrapped a condom onto her cock, walked in front of me and all I could see was the end of her cock. I was completely tied up and defenseless. She grabbed my head and told me to suck her cock. I opened my mouth to kiss her cock and she thrust it into my mouth. She started slowly but quickly had my head in both hands and she thrust her cock back and forth into my mouth. Before I knew what was happening she was balls deep down my throat. She kept going for what seemed like forever until she started to make me gag.

"That’s enough slut. Now I want your ass."

She got out some gloves and proceeded to lube up my ass. Let’s see if you prepared like I told you. I had and she was pleased. First one finger and she started to stroke my prostate.

"Does that feel good, slut?"

"Yes Mistress!" Then two fingers and before I knew it 3. Before long she was rimming her cock around my ass. Just teasing me, until she was ready. Then she slowly pushed the head of her cock into my ass. I was still hard with her panties around my cock but she checked just in case. It was a little painful at first but she didn't care. She started slowly pushing in and out of me. Slowing fucking my ass.

"Does that feel good slut?"

After a minute or so it started to feel good so I replied.

"Yes mistress, please fuck me harder Miss Lauren!" So she grabbed my hips and really started to fuck me. Sliding her cock in and out of me made me start to moan.

"Please, please fuck me harder Miss Lauren!" Now she was going all out, in and out. I was moaning and she was breathing hard. As her hips where hitting my ass I could hear that clapping sound. She kept going for a long, long time, fucking me like I've never been fucked before, smacking my ass over and over again. She had to stop and take a break. I was spent but still tied up and helpless.


Then off came the smaller dildo and out came the 10" monster. I'd never taken something that big and I told her so.

"Don't worry slut I know you can take it."

Before long she was strapped again and slowing shoving the tip of her huge cock in my ass. There I was dressed up like a slut in lingerie, stocking and heels.  I was tied up, helpless and getting fucked by this amazingly hot woman. I was in heaven! In no time her monster cock was balls deep in my ass, pumping in and out as I moaned. She just kept going and going, riding me as hard as she could while I moaned.

Then she let out a big moan and screamed "Oh I am coming!" and came all over my ass. "Now it’s your turn slut."

She untied my arms so I could get up. She put lube on my cock and told me to stroke it. She stood in front of me with her big cock, stoking it as she watched me stroke my cock. It didn't take long before I was spraying my cum all over her stomach and cock. She started to rub the head of her cock into my cum and all I could think of is I hope she doesn't try to fuck my ass again with my cum! Luckily for me she was done. She untied me, handed me paper towels and told me to clean up my mess. I had never cum so much in my life before, it was everywhere. After I was done she ordered me to get on my knees again.

"Thank me for fucking your ass slut." So I prostrated myself in front of her and proceeded to kiss her feet and legs, thanking her for fucking me.

Afterwards we both headed up stairs, naked and satisfied. I showered and got dressed. Afterwards, we chatted for a bit longer and relaxed. I had an amazing time and told her so.

If you are ever in Philadelphia and have the chance to meet Miss Lauren, you will be glad you did!



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  1. Thanks for posting that, Ruby, and thanks for all you do otherwise. It was a great story, and Miss Lauren seems like a special lady. Just goes to show not all pro dommes are in it for the money.

    1. You are welcome! Sex workers do what they do for a variety of reasons. I’m sure most of them are in it for the money but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy what they do and do it remarkably well.

  2. I took my x-husband to my girlfriend who is a wild bisex massage therapist. I made him take an enema at home then drove to her parlor. It was worth the price to see her place my x crossways over her table and screw his ass for the full hour. He wasn’t a virgin at Strapon play but after that session his rear end was opened up in a new way!

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