Podcast #28

Sensual Pegging
Sensual Pegging - originally from StraponDreamer.com

 Pegging Paradise Podcast #28

❤ M-appy Christma-Kwanz-ukkah, everyone!

❤ Pegging is most often different from what you see in porn.

❤ He's 17 and wants to purchase toys clandestinely. Listen up all you under 18 people who want to get a good sex toy - this is how it's done.

❤ She's said she is willing to explore pegging but he's concerned about avoiding a mess. How to keep it clean?  Discussion about rectal douching vs enemas and having the right attitude.

❤ A couple of unsuccessful attempts...she's worried he is gay and he's worried she'll never learn to love it. Communication.

❤ Pegging Position recommended from a listener - he says it's a winner!


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