Keeping Clean and Pegging

Keeping clean during pegging is something both givers and receivers are concerned about. A common question I get is:

How Can We Make Our Pegging Experience Cleaner?

First, there is no way around the fact that the orifice you are deriving so much pleasure from is the very one your body uses to get rid of waste. Buck up and deal, because that comes with the territory. In fact I like to think that most Pegging enthusiasts are a little hardier than other people as far as the squick factor is concerned. A little bit of crap (so to speak) is not going to ruin their day, right? Yet there are indeed some steps to take that help to ensure any cleanliness problems are minimized if not eliminated.

In general, younger receivers have less trouble staying clean that older receivers. Some receivers in their twenties don't have to clean out at all. Their digestive and elimination system is working perfectly (ah, youth!) and as long as they have used the bathroom before pegging and attempted to have a bowel movement, they are pretty clean. The older a receiver is, the more preparation they may need to do.

The Basics of Keeping Clean

There are basically two parts to cleanliness while pegging; what receivers put in their body and the actual cleaning out. If you do a good job with the first part, many receivers can minimize the need for physical cleaning out before playing. Let's take a look at your options.

Keeping Clean Through Diet

  1. Eat high fiber food a day or two before pegging, like salads and raw vegetables. This will help to basically clean you out, and ensure that when you have a bowel movement, everything comes out at once and leaves nothing behind.
  2. Eat lightly (or skip eating altogether) the day of, if you are going to play in the evening. You want your energy for play, not digestion. And depending on how fast your digestion is - you don't want that heavy breakfast to interfere with your fun.
  3. Part of what creates odor in your shit is due to what you eat. If you eat completely naturally, i.e. no artificial flavorings or colorings, no meat, no sugar, no dairy and no alcohol, the unpleasant smell dramatically decreases. But pay attention here, because if you have been eating all those things on a regular basis and suddenly stop eating all of them, you will be dumping toxins out of your body for a few days, and you might not feel (or smell) very well. So take this into consideration, please.
  4. Adding a fiber supplement to your diet can be enormously helpful. This can help as much as high fiber raw foods. That link will take you to "Pure for Men". They claim that with 3 caps in the AM and 3 caps in the PM, you can be bent over at any time! I talked about this on my podcasts. My listeners tried it and reported that without exception, they were all much cleaner, and many were perfectly clean. There are a variety of fiber supplements on the market, this is just one of them.
  5. This method is good for Pegging when using a dildo that is not too long. The rectum can vary in length from 6.0" to 7.5". If you are playing with longer toys, you might need to do some clean out.

Physically Cleaning Out - Rectal Douching

  1. This method is called rectal douching, and cleans out the area where you play to ensure there are no leftovers from your bowel movements. It involves a relatively small quantity of water, just enough to rinse out the rectum.
  2. Fairly simple to do. Using a bulb syringe in the shower, fill it several times and basically rinse out your rectum until the water comes out clean.
  3. Take care not to use more water than you need, because it will go into the lower part of the colon and potentially loosen up feces and necessitating an enema. You don't need a lot of water to do this, because you are only rinsing out your rectum.
  4. Never use soap in your bulb syringe!!
  5. You can also use a shower attachment. Some require plumbing, but this one is travel friendly (vacations!) and does not. Excellent for bathroom sharing situations as well. If you are using a shower attachment, remember to take care to not use too much water.

Physically Cleaning Out - Enema

  1. Some people prefer to do an enema so that they feel more confident that they are clean and ready for Pegging. It can help a receiver relax and enjoy Pegging without worrying about cleanliness.
  2. Other folks enjoy erotic enema play, and find it to be a pleasurable part of their Pegging foreplay. Awesome!
  3. Keep in mind that pre-packaged disposable enema bottles are "Phospo-Soda" enemas and actually contain Monobasic Sodium Phosphate, which is totally different from a sea salt solution in pure water. Many people find Phospo-Soda enemas to be irritating and cramping, so while the bottle can be useful - dump out the ingredients and just use tap water.
  4. If you choose to clean out with an enema, make sure and do it at least 2 hours before your Pegging playtime. Water gets caught in the folds and turns of your colon, and takes time to shake out. You don't want that water to some out during sexy times.
  5. This method is good for longer toy play that penetrates deeper, past the rectum and into the lower colon. Learn how to do that safely in my advanced webinar.

No Soap!

Never use soap in your enema or your rectal douche! . This must be some weird over-reaction to wanting to be squeaky clean or something. No soap ever belongs in your colon! Soap will wipe out the natural bacterial flora and you just don't want to do that. Plain water is fine or water with sea salt according to proven recipes on the internet.

Shit Happens

Accept it!  Accept that a bit of a mess on the dildo or plug is sometimes a part of anal play - it just comes with the territory. Relax and don't freak out, just deal with it. Have a towel ready to wrap toys in after removal. Also...using a warm wet towel to clean the receiver up afterward can feel quite intimate and lovely (as well as minimizing any mess). Givers, you get to play with that ass, so take care of it afterwards!

A Visual Guide

This comprehensive guide leads you through how to do a rectal douche, as well as an enema. It is translated into 11 different languages!

7 Responses

  1. I’m deeply into recipient anal fisting and thoroughly cleaning out the rectum and lower colon is essential if you are to avoid a mess. Mess also can cause irritation during thrusting and the smell and its presence are a real turn-off for the fister.
    I clean out with the help of a neoprene colon tube attached to a 5 litre garden spray filled with warm water.
    I generally have to flush 4 times to be absolutely sure that no faecal matter is left to cause embarrassment.

    1. I can only imagine that keeping clean with the more extreme forms of anal play would be challenging. That is beyond my expertise so I appreciate you sharing this information and I will keep it handy for future reference!

  2. I take offense to the first comment. You’re 18 and you’ve got it figured out. Congratulations. This article was written for those who actually need some insight on staying clean.

    I’ve enjoyed backdoor play for about ten years now, but it’s been difficult. I didn’t find out I had IBS until just this year, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been living with it since I was a young teenager.

    Any time I want my wife to go back there, it needs to be planned at least 3 days in advance, if not a week. It’s a huge process. This article has been a big help. I already had a rectal syringe, and it’s been working great.

    Thanks, Ruby! Good advice here

    1. Young people’s digestive systems usually work much, much better than older people’s, and people who are dealing with something like IBS. It is not uncommon for men as young as the poster of that comment to not even need to clean out, because everything works so well and easily. I understand why you took offense.

      Glad you found my information helpful!

  3. Here is what works for me and has for many years:
    Sometimes the stool in our digestive system is compact, rather hard and dry. That’s a lucky day for ass play, it’s easy to stay clean and IF there is some residue, it doesn’t smell very bad.
    Sometimes our stool is loose, watery, and smelling bad. In that situation, the night before, I eat a whole bar of dark chocolate. That binds the stool. Also the night before, I clean out the first time in the shower by putting some warm shower water up my ass. It may take quite a few times until the water comes out clean reliably.
    On the day of the play date, I again flush out. Then I use a thin long dildo to help all the water drain out. Make sure not to put any water up your butt less than about three hours before playing. Just before playing, I go to the bathroom and do another quick finger test to make sure I’m clean. If you do that, you almost eliminate the possibility of farting in your partner’s face.
    A nice and clean smelling ass is so much more inviting to the tongue than sticking your tongue in stinking shit.
    Another thing: Shave around your ass hole.
    I have been doing the above for the last fifty years and I’m still doing it. I’m now 78.

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