A Chair with No Arms

“This is Lisa, how may I help you?”

“Hi Lisa. Would it be possible to have a straight back chair with no arms brought up to room 229 please? I have a lot of computer work to do and the chair at the desk just doesn’t work for me.”

“Certainly. I’ll have that delivered right away.”

A knock at the door.

The young man in his Holiday Inn uniform asks if the chair he’s holding is satisfactory. I assure him it will do fine and he brings it into the room, placing it at the desk. I wonder if he has any idea what I'm really going to do with this chair…

A half hour later you are the one knocking at the door.

I open it wide to show you how ready I am for you. How eager I am to fuck you, to sink deep inside your ass. Your smile widens as you see me in my strap-on and high heels…and nothing else. You can feel it against you as we kiss, exploring each others lips and tongues. I begin to lead you slowly over to the chair, now in the middle of the room.  I pause every few steps to taste you, fondle you, tease you...and remove another piece of your clothing. By the time we get to the chair you are naked and hard in anticipation, your cock dripping.

I sit down on the chair and lube up my cock.

Smiling, I crook my finger at you…

“Have a seat, Honey.”

© Ruby Ryder


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