Jan 18 2013

I Like My Women…

Women like sheets


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  1. When you first posted this image to accompany the release of podcast 28, I was immediately drawn to the expression on the woman’s face.

    I saw a look of loving concern, for her partner’s pleasure, and it made me smile to think of the women who care in that way.

    I’m also a fan of witty remarks, and the one attached to this image qualifies. Thanks again Ruby.

    1. Thanks, Archie.
      I thought about that witty remark long and hard – and it gave me an opportunity to use the photo again, which was a distinct pleasure.

  2. I noticed the loving look in her as well. Its a great picture. Its loving, while doing something so intimate and sexy

    1. There is a way in which the witty comment does not match the intensity of the scene…and for that I do apologize. I couldn’t resist!

      1. Love your witty comment as well Ruby 😉 There’s good timing in it, being cheeky to turn each other on, then resume back into the lovemaking and more at climax…

  3. I love that picture. What I want my sweetheart to do to me.

    1. That photo captures so much intimacy. It touches a lot of people.

  4. Ruby this picture says it all. My heart beats fast when I see it. It is sooo beautiful. I am a convert but have yet to have the pegging experience. I cannot think of anything more wonderful than surrendering myself to a woman totally like this and be purely the object of her passion. When that day comes I will give myself totally in physically mentally and spiritually.

    1. Mmmm…the heart beating faster, yes. I love that feeling of thrill and excitement and anticipation. I wish you the best in your search and be sure to let us know how that first time is…if you want to share!

  5. i would love to experience this one day. i want my first time to be a gangbang with hot sexy cheerleaders.

    1. Sounds like you need to sign up to film a porn movie….

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