Podcast #31


Pegging Paradise Podcast #31

❤ Taking it slow - from the concept of pegging to the decision to try it to the anal exploration with fingers, toys, dildos and finally the strap-on. Don't miss any of those stages - they are all worth it.

❤ From podcast #27 he reported in with good news - they are taking it slow and loving it (and could use a little more communication!)

❤ Communication, communication, communication

❤ He read "Convincing Her to Try It" and has had some success with anal play with her. Out of his dreams she suggested he might like it, too...another award for taking it slow and loving it.

❤ Strapon Jo's suggestions...fingers first and let go of the fear.

❤ Specific penetration information for women learning to peg their guy. Very specific and very important!

❤ Our Domme checked in...and sent a (hot!) description of an example playtime. Fans of D/s will enjoy. I did!!

❤ He's very sensitive to toxic toys and his experience is that condoms do not protect you from them!

❤ Lots of information about why you should be afraid of toxic toys. Very afraid.


Convincing Her to Try It

Strapon Jo

deux_amoureux on FetLife!

The Truth About What's in Your Sex Toys

CPSC - Phthalates!

4 Responses

  1. A “pre-pegging” activity that men might introduce to their partner would be coccyx frottage (aka pussy-grinding-on-the-tailbone).

    For those ladies who can get off from clitoral stim, the assumption of a more dominant role (grinding on the ass of their face-down male partner) might spark a curiosity about seeking pleasures (for him & her) just a bit lower…it certainly mimics the pegging action.

    And it might just trigger a post-orgasmic conversation on “how HAWT that was…” and “I liked it when you were thrusting against me – it made my cock rub against the mattress…” and “You seemed to enjoy being in-charge & fucking me…” and “I could feel you wetness in the crack of my ass…”

    Subsequent “sessions” might include her frotting him whilst there’s an inserted butt plug…giving something for her to rub against to say nothing of the anal stimulation he would receive!!!

    Happy frotting

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