Mar 04 2013

Podcast #38


Pegging Paradise Podcast #38

❤ More about guys in heels...and lingerie!

❤ What harness is suitable for DP with a double? Or is that even possible?

❤ Pegging music? Send in your suggestions.

❤ He's weeding out the toxic toys from their collection and is looking for the best place to buy a "modest" butt plug. (Smitten Kitten with coupon code "RAD" = 20% off.) Also - the Aneros Progasm Jr. gives him his first hands-free orgasm and the wife wants to see it!

❤ Physiology of deeper penetration

❤ Pegging Celebration Time!

❤ Things with the Valentine's Day couple are progressing! She worries he'll like it too much.

❤ My report on the BIL conference.

❤ Best feedback ever on my presentation!

Smitten Kitten Online   coupon code "RAD" for 20% off

Amanda Palmer's Ted Talk


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  1. I’m curious about one thing Ruby. How many free hugs did you give after your presentation?

    1. Not one freakin’ hug! What’s up with that?

      1. You’ve got to be kidding me, right? What in the hell has the world come to?

        1. Well I was approached by a number of people later on at the party with the social lubrication and courage of alcohol, but not one of them referenced my offer – they were just responding to my presentation! And brave to do so, indeed.

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