Podcast #38


Pegging Paradise Podcast #38

❤ More about guys in heels...and lingerie!

❤ What harness is suitable for DP with a double? Or is that even possible?

❤ Pegging music? Send in your suggestions.

❤ He's weeding out the toxic toys from their collection and is looking for the best place to buy a "modest" butt plug. (Smitten Kitten with coupon code "RAD" = 20% off.) Also - the Aneros Progasm Jr. gives him his first hands-free orgasm and the wife wants to see it!

❤ Physiology of deeper penetration

❤ Pegging Celebration Time!

❤ Things with the Valentine's Day couple are progressing! She worries he'll like it too much.

❤ My report on the BIL conference.

❤ Best feedback ever on my presentation!

Smitten Kitten Online   coupon code "RAD" for 20% off

Amanda Palmer's Ted Talk


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  1. Archie says:

    I’m curious about one thing Ruby. How many free hugs did you give after your presentation?

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