Jul 05 2013

Excuse Me…

 While I pump my fist...and maybe my strap-on, too!

7-5-13 Pegging Google Trends

7-5-13 Pegging Google Trends

This is Google Trends, which shows the number of times a specific search term was used. What we are looking at, is of course "Pegging"!


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  1. That’s awesome!

    1. I totally agree.

  2. So the graph is the number of hard on’s per hour?

    1. Oooo….thatsa lotta hard ons….

  3. Looks like the ‘mates’ & ‘sheilas’ from Down Under are a close second in pegging interest!

    What say you Ruby, any interest on your part in having an Aussie-accented lad at the business end of your strapon?

    Throw another shrimp on the barbie indeed!!!


    1. Absolutely! Visited Australia some years back. Loved it there. Loved the accents even more! Welcoming that accent to my bed sounds quite lovely, actually…

  4. sweet

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