Jul 14 2013

Podcast #54



  Pegging Paradise Podcast #54

❤ Harness and Dildo questions - she's getting bruised!

❤ He reveals his love of stockings and pantyhose...and there is much rejoicing

❤ Inexpensive glass toys a bust 🙁

❤ She's recovered from surgery and they start pegging up a storm again. It's the birthday suggestion that has him pretty excited!

❤ Kissing reflections from the expat's lover!

❤ Ruby ends up doing exactly what she has judged others for doing. Hmmmm. Lessons are learned and introspection abounds.



Reid Mihalko

Brene Brown - Vulnerability

Brene Brown - Shame


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  1. Glad to hear from you after what seems like weeks since the last podcast. I was already beginning to show symptoms of withdrawal!

    I also found your candor at the end to be very insightful, so kudos to you!

    1. It was actually 2 weeks – my bad! And thanks for your supportive comment regarding my self-psychoanalyzing – means a lot to me. It’s a wild feeling to put yourself out there like that.

  2. Hands down the best episode to date. Not because of extra hawtness or explicit details, but because of your humanizing candor. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, rb. That word ‘candor’ keeps being mentioned. I so appreciate the supportive feedback. Letting you all know me as a person and not just a persona is scary but that’s where the magic is.
      “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” (Neal Donald Walsch)

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