Dec 02 2013

Podcast #71

Pegging Paradise Podcast #71

❤ Prostate questions from France
❤ A Sweet Compliment
❤ Pegging Interruptus - When life interferes
❤ After a long journey, he's quite sure he's straight and he loves it in the butt. His new partner is not so sure...
❤ Wild comment on Prostate Orgasm article
❤ Differentiating between ejaculation and orgasm - more from a reader
❤ Donations!! Many many thanks, everyone.
❤ Jean Franzblau - Coming Out Kinky - support this show!
❤ Entice Me Sale - (Support Ruby!) 30% off premium sex toys...and don't miss the sex butter. Discount good until Wednesday! Code: TURKEY2013
❤ Aneros Sale - Monday only - 40% off select item including the Vice!



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Jean Frazblau - Coming Out Kinky!



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  1. Wow…I am NOT going to miss the next Podcast!

    [Fist Pump]

    1. Your suggestion – you get the credit!

  2. Something to add to the “Personal Question” file for the next time you let us peer behind the Ruby Curtain: (1) regarding pegging as something you do “for” as opposed “to”…you are in the “do to” camp – does that mean you would not be interested in a partner that was in the “do for” camp? In other words, despite the pegging, does there need to be an element of D/s to trip the Ruby wire? (2) are you a ‘size queen’ meaning you would be more aroused/receive greater enjoyment from pegging a man with a larger (girth/length/both) dildo than from a smaller dildo? Does pushing up against (or beyond…) a partner’s boundaries give you an added kick?

    1. I think I will respond to this in podcast #72…..thanks for the questions!

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