...has come to mean something so different to me in the last five years or so. I used to be thankful for the things people are supposed to be thankful for. Family, friends, enough to eat, a roof over our heads, a decent job, car insurance, my daughter and our health.

And I still am, absolutely.

But now, my thankfulness has expanded rather delightfully...just as delightfully as my life has expanded. I have so very much more to be thankful for. Mostly because I decided to step over that line and live authentically, write about what I want to write about, talk about what I want to talk about...and of course there's the doing part, as well. (nudge, nudge...wink, wink)

Okay, settle in....because this list is marvelously long.

I'm thankful for all my listeners and readers who write and call in, sharing the details of their lives with me, asking me questions and telling me stories. I love being able to help. I love hearing different points of view. And I especially love hearing all your various wins, whether it's a personal stepping over the line decision like I experienced or a success with your partner. You all inspire me!

I'm thankful for all my sex positive friends. There is such easy acceptance, loyal support and lack of judgement in my community. It's extraordinary, delicious and...solid. I appreciate you all so much!

I'm thankful for the toy manufacturers who strive to make the best toys they can so we can safely play with them and find amazing amounts of pleasure in the process.

I'm thankful for all the best lube companies who are forever trying to formulate the holy grail of lubes; no toxic ingredients, decent taste, long lasting, toy-compatible and condom-compatible. Tall order, I know. Appreciate your efforts.

I'm thankful to Aneros, who helped attend me the BIL conference as well as CatalystCon West, plus CT Schenk himself (CEO of Aneros) participated in our wonderful ass panel. I many people can actually say they have taken part in an ass panel, much less with CT Schenk?!

Speaking of...I am grateful to Dee Dennis, CatalystCon creator, for taking a chance with me and letting me not only participate in the ass panel but moderate it! Your trust in my abilities was and continues to be, inspiring.

I am thankful to Roylin Downs of Kama Sutra Closet in Ventura, California. She has hosted so many of my classes, encouraged me without fail and given me awesome constructive criticism. A rare friend indeed. Anyone who lives nearby needs to check out her store, seriously. Her smile alone will brighten your world.

I'm grateful to the beautiful and incredibly talented Dixie De La Tour for bringing Bawdy Storytelling to Los Angeles and basically changing my world. So much laughter. So much sexiness. So much fun! Every month! Score.

There are so many other people I am thankful to have in my life - too many to list and you know who you are. The smiles, hugs, kisses, letters, phone calls, encouragement, connection, support, ideas and advice I have had the privilege of receiving...I am so blessed.

And then there's the men. *smile*

All this sexiness and fun in my life would be for naught without you gentlemen (you know who you are). I'm filled with gratitude by your willingness to engage with me in whatever way you did or do; conversationally, physically, intellectually, emotionally, intimately. Wow. Thank you for giving me your trust, your openness, sharing your spark with me. Thanks for letting me in (pun not intended, but hey, I'll take it). Most of all, thanks for being you.

On this day of Thanksgiving, I offer to you all my mantra in life, paraphrased from the book, "The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment".

In each and every moment we all have the choice to either expand with love or contract with fear.

I choose love.



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  1. Hi Ruby,

    I have appreciated and am thankful for you positive energy, humor, laughter, thoughtfulness and the time and energy you put into this incredible blog.

    Happy belated thanksgiving.

  2. Well written. Thank your for the time and effort you spend to educate about and promote healthy sexuality. Your site has been a guide for me and helped steer me safely to a wonderful new dimension of sexual fulfillment.

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