Podcast #70



Pegging Paradise Podcast #70

❤ Making it about what the woman wants
❤ More stories/info from the new pegging couple!
❤ Harness/double dildo questions
❤ Questions for Ruby
❤ Reactions to "I Feel Like a Guy". Ensuing observations.
❤ Ruby's evolution of pegging experience and knowledge?
❤ Just how dominant am I? Do I like to be fucked, too?
❤ A call for the women's orgasm recordings, too!
❤ Already receiving donations - thank you!



Gal Pal Review

I Feel Like a Guy


5 Responses

  1. Regarding the good question on whether you still enjoy being f***ed most of the time Ruby, I don’t see it as controlling if you have the confidence to ask for what you want e.g. change positions, fun & games during foreplay, oral, cumplay….

    Most women I know love the guy to take complete control, even with the creativity. They don’t realise the guy may equally enjoy seeing her being herself, so he can know what she loves, and having those times with her

    1. A man I know said it well: “I have never been with someone where the sole dependence on who is in charge isn’t on me. I can’t tell you how exhilarating it sounds to just lie back and enjoy whatever happens.”

      1. Well said alright Ruby. Especially when she really gets into it…figure of speech, enjoying herself exploring my body, seeing how much pleasure she’s giving…

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