Dec 15 2013

Podcast #72

Pegging Paradise Podcast #72

❤ Tim and Stephanie - harness/dildo questions
❤ After 10 years he's figured out his orientation but she's having trouble trusting that...
❤ So many dildos to choose from...oh my! (Go for the balls!)
❤ After a long journey, he’s quite sure he’s straight and he loves it in the butt. His new partner is not so sure…
❤ My interview brought back memories of this man's visit to a pro...
❤ Peering behind the Ruby curtain regarding doing it 'for' him or 'to' him.
❤ A WOMAN writes in - yes!
❤ Donations!! Many many thanks, everyone.
❤ Affiliate Links from trusted manufacturers


Vixen Creations
Entice Me


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  1. 🙁

  2. Might there be such a thing as doing it to him while you’re doing it for him? That would be such a beguiling mix . . .

    1. Nice word, beguiling. That’s an interesting challenge to try and walk that line…I think I’m up to it.

  3. Great recording Ruby! Just a quick note that another sex toy company that does the rare lifetime warranty is Aneros. I’ve had two Progasm Classics break over the years, and they replaced it each time with no hassle. Very good customer service.

    1. Thanks, Heliostat! Aneros is such an awesome company….

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