May 26 2016

Day 26, Orgasm 15

For those just tuning in...May is Masturbation Month, and I've made a promise to, if not have an orgasm every day, to spend a minimum of 15 minutes pleasuring myself in some fashion. Whether edging, caressing myself, enjoying a hot bath with my vibrating ducky...well, you get the idea. Join me! It will color your world with lusciousness. I'm making a post every day resulting from that exact lusciousness. Enjoy!

The Music

The music was what she was all about. From the moment he walked in the door, the music was the gauze curtain, coloring everything behind it and making him strain a little to see beyond it. Just like the short chiffon dress she was wearing...with nothing underneath. She pushed the door shut, took his hand and pulled him to her, dancing to the slow vibe-y bass that filled the room. She led. He smiled. Of course she did.

Hips pushing together, lips creating a container while tongues danced as effortlessly as their bodies did. He was swept up in her essence, the simple and abundant power that defined this woman.

She undressed him while they kissed, challenging him to sway to the music while the clothes fell away piece by piece. Soon they were pressed together again, his naked skin celebrating every spot her hands graced. And still, the music, luring them into another world filled with intention-filled rhythm. The music filled her whole house.

She led him into the bedroom and tied him to the bed, face down over pillows. She pulled his hard cock back to play with it, stroking it to the music.

Jesus...this woman!

The moment of truth arrived. The reason he was there. He took in the leftover scent of her with his face against her bed sheets, as she fucked him just as slow and deep as the base beat of the music that surrounded them.

It was all about the music.


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