Day 27, Orgasm 15

Sometimes what life sends my way is just so delicious, that I really want to share it with you all. This time I'm going to.

So there's this guy on FetLife. We crossed paths 4 years ago. I sent him a message because I liked his profile. It was exceptionally well written, and I do have a love affair with words put together in a manner more resembling the creation of a fine wine rather than slapdash or willy-nilly. So I complimented him on said profile and he responded that it was nice to be noticed and he hoped we crossed paths again soon.

Soon didn't happen, but we did cross paths again. He commented on a recent post I made, which apparently peaked his interest enough to click into my profile. Which led him to our previous conversation.

He continued that 4 years ago conversation....

Well, here we are again.

I should have read our writing before I chimed in on that post of yours - you said what I was trying to say quite well in one of the links - specifically, that it's not hard to find what you want if only you can manage to approach women as people who deserve respect, rather than as potential peggers (or sex partners) without being considerate. Although I will say that I'm disappointed to find out that "there aren't any clubs where happy ladies run around ready to sink their sizable strap-ons into any willing male." I had always secretly hoped I'd stumble into one.

As it happens, my regular pegger is moving out of the country to take up with a gentleman suitor on a different continent, so maybe I'll be putting some of your advice into play soon. Thanks for the thoughtful counsel.

And thanks for the picture of you in the lacy bodystocking sporting the Vixskin Johnny. Inspiring.

Pure Ruby
Pure Ruby

I responded:

So glad you find the pic inspiring!
Indeed, here we are again. Nice suit, btw.
I think I am going to write another piece about this subject, framing it exactly that way with a positive, encouraging tone and no lecturing. The other pieces I have written seem to get close, but it's not just right...yet.
All the Best,

His profile pic showed him wearing a gorgeous clearly I am not going to put up the picture I was commenting on because I don't identify those who I write about. But let me say that the suit fabric was very close to this...

Ecru Vertical Satin Jacquard Stripe Silk Fabric

Vertical stripe silk damask. And I mean the entire suit. Pants, long formal jacket, and vest. It was a tad darker than this, more golden and less ecru. Flashy is an understatement. Yet in the photo, he wore it well and with confidence.


Thanks! That suit makes me race to keep up with it.

I look forward to seeing what you put together regarding the way to approach finding a pegger; I do fear, though, that the people who most need to hear something like that are the ones who are least likely to be able to accept the advice, but I expect you've been doing this long enough to celebrate any little victory.

I've been looking over your sites, and I plan to spend some time digging deeper. Thanks for your work.

I looked through his pictures, the ones he'd put up since our paths crossed 4 years ago.

I found one showing, wait for less that 58 different types of gourmet chocolate. Color me impressed. Very. There was one stray Ghirardelli's square slightly away from the main group. Many I recognized. Many I didn't. Perhaps they were the ones I had encountered in health food or gourmet stores, the ones that cost $8 or more a bar, so I dismissed them out of hand.

I made a comment on that picture.

I'm on my way...

He responded.

PS: If you ever find yourself in San Francisco, I'll be happy to take you out to a good chocolatier, or feed you choice morsels from my collection. Right now, at work, I'm nibbling on a Tanzanian Askinosie 72%. Wish you were here.

Mmmm. My kind of guy. My response...

I do occasionally find myself in SF, thanks for the offer. Chocolate and that suit....hmmmm.

And finally...his response. The one that inspired me to share this all with you, to share this slice of deliciousness.

I'm absolutely willing to wear the suit; if there's one thing I have demonstrated in my public life, it is that I am not afraid to wear that suit in pretty much any circumstances. And while I firmly believe that the essential function of a man's suit on a date is to underscore a woman's elegance rather than distract from it, there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that you could show up to a chocolate date in something that make people say "What gold suit?"




Yeah. I'll be in my bunk.


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