Aug 04 2017

Podcast #162

Pegging Paradise Podcast #162

❤ Update on Patreon pledges
❤ He needs a transcription of podcast #112! Help??
❤ He's sad that after marriage and kids, no pegging. Help?
❤ Some interesting questions, PSA, bisexuality, prostate exams and toy sizes
❤ He's doing the dance of approaching her about pegging - advice?
❤ Ideas of where to hide toys with nosy roommates
❤ He exhorts the guys to bring it up to their partners - he did
❤ After he brought it up - the update! His patience is extraordinary...
❤ Pegging is becoming more popular and he wants me to come to England to teach!
❤ He figured out how to get more pegging after a lull in the action
❤ He's doing the dance of approaching her and wonders what's next?


Anal Self-play toys:

Podcast #112
Anal Self Play
Anal Couples Play
Will Pegging cause Fecal Incontinence?


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