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Pegging Guru, Sex Podcaster, Sex Blogger, Speaker, Writer of Erotica. Changing the World, One Ass at a Time!

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Oct 21 2017

Happy Fisting Day!

Twice in my life I have fisted a man’s ass. The sensation of feeling my entire hand inside him was amazing. The smallest move of my hand offered him remarkably high levels of pleasure. He swooned, moaned and cursed. Finally he jerked off and came, the muscles contracting around my hand tightly as a powerful …

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Oct 19 2017

The Giver’s Podcast!

Podcast #175 is going to be comprised solely of stories and offerings from the giving side of the pegging equation. Most of my readership and listeners are the Receivers. For this podcast… I want to hear from the Givers! Tell us all the things you love about pegging… Tell us the story of your favorite …

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Oct 17 2017

Podcast #171 – Ruby’s AMA

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #171   ❤ Ruby’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) Podcast ❤ New Upcoming Podcast Link on Website ❤ Yes, you have the right number for Ruby ❤ Women’s Podcast stories in by November 11th, please!! Linkorama Articles/Information Cunning Minx – Poly Weekly Brené Brown – Vulnerability Bisexuality Podcast #46 Sex is …

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Oct 10 2017

Podcast #170

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #170 ❤ Yes, you can send photos ❤ Kinkly Sex Blogger Contest! ❤ Patreon Update ❤ His POV of the Pegging Gang Bang! ❤ He asks about his lube shooter reaction ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ They conquer low libido, DE, and find a fucking frenzy! ❤ He wonders what they …

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Oct 03 2017

Podcast #169

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #169 ❤ Patreon Update ❤ Large/Long Strap-on Insertion Clip ❤ Vagus Nerve Stimulation!! ❤ He asks – look for the pegger first or look for the woman first? ❤ His story of how they came to crossdressing and pegging ❤Pegging Celebration Time ❤His story of their gradual path to pegging ❤ …

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Oct 02 2017

Upcoming Podcast – Ask Ruby Anything

  I’m planning a podcast like I’ve done once before – “Ask Ruby Anything”. So if you have been wondering about something specific regarding yours truly, anything, shoot me a message with your question. I have discovered that podcasts voiced by the best in the business are still lacking when that podcast personality keeps a …

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Sep 26 2017

Podcast #168

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #168 ❤ Patreon Update ❤ TN Booty Scooper explains the term ❤ Feedback on 167 clear male ejaculate ❤ She wants Pack and Play options! ❤ Introducing New York Toy Collective ❤ He’s slowly walking the (hopeful) path to pegging with his wife. Advice? ❤ He’s facing prostate surgery and …

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Sep 20 2017

The Dance of Dominance and Pegging

  This piece is included in the Kinky Sex Tips Blogfest 2017 !! Click here to see the links to all the other kinky bloggers who have participated, there is sure to be some great writing, great sex tips and all around sexiness. Also – don’t miss this part, there are PRIZES. Yes, I said …

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Sep 19 2017

Podcast #167

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #167 ❤ Wiki-Fucking-Pedia, bitches! ❤ Upcoming interviews ❤ No more sex with partner, but Pegging Paradise helps anyway ❤ Wife jumps into FemDom fast, without asking husband, or is it dirty talk? ❤ Hint for taking bigger toys for #165 guy ❤ Pegging has him speaking in tongues – he …

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Sep 17 2017

Upcoming Interviews! SO Excited…

This weekend I am attending a conference in LA called CatalystCon. It is a sexuality conference, full of sex-positive people, sex geeks, sex educators, sex therapists, and sex workers of all gender identifications and sexual orientations. Every time I attend this conference I come away so inspired about so many things. This year I am …

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