And the Winners Are…

You will recall we had a contest last month...a caption contest. There were some funny and creative entires! I want to thank you all for playing - you brightened up many of my days with your captions.

Link to the photo ↓
Caption Contest Photo of Supergirl with a Strap-on

The grand prize winner is Kevin for this caption:

Yes Batman, this really is part of the initiation to the Justice League, so quit squirming!

And there were so many other good ones that I'm awarding a couple more prizes! Didn't expect that, did ya?

Second Prize goes to Monix for this caption:

Just lay back and enjoy the irony Mr Luthor. You and your big round head have been a pain in my ass for so long…

Third Prize goes to N2Pegging for this caption:

Director of Marketing: “Was the catalogue photo shoot for floral sheets or phallic sheets?”

Photographer: “Put them together, what could go wrong?”

And another third prize goes to 312cpl for this caption:

I’ll bet Lois Lane doesn’t have one of these!!

...except - 312cpl already has a top level subscription so I am going to allow him to choose which caption he likes and that person will receive the prize instead! Should be interesting to see who is chosen...

Congratulations, everyone! Enjoy the stories!

Update: 312cpl has chosen Lanceme80 as the stand-in third place winner!! Lanceme80 - well done.


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