Caption Contest!!!



Leave your caption as a comment below.

Points for creativity, vocabulary and euphemisms, not crudity!

(Contest ends March 1st, 2014.)

Winner will receive a one year "I Want it All" subscription to Pegging Paradise Erotica!

Good Luck!


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  1. Just lay back and enjoy the irony mr Luthor. You and your big round head have been a pain in my ass for so long…

    1. You won second prize in the caption contest! Congratulations!

  2. From out of another galaxy and into your ass comes… Supergirl

    or from the tag line:

    She taught him what it was to fly. He taught her what it was to peg…

  3. Up! Up!
    (voice lowers seductively)
    And In!

  4. Our Caped Crusader is a Caped Anal Raider
    Saving Metropolis one little anus at a time .

  5. Yes Batman, this really is part of the initiation to the Justice League, so quit squirming!

    1. You, Sir, are the winner! Partly because I love the Justice League…and Batman is hot!

  6. “Well think of the upside.”

  7. The only thing that will save you now is a Krytonite asshole!

  8. I’ll bet Lois Lane doesn’t have one of these!!

    1. Your caption won third place – but since you already have a top level subscription, you get to choose who is next in line to win a one year 6″ subscription!

      1. 312cpl has chosen to give Lanceme80 his one year 6″ subscription!

  9. This looks like a job for Superman!

  10. Super-girl was the only one that knew Clark really had TWO things that can bring him to his knees: 1. Kryptonite and 2. Strapon “Cock-to-nite”

    1. You, Sir, are the third place winner of this caption contest! 312cpl chose you to receive his prize (as he already has a subscription) Congratulations – well done!

  11. “If you thing mine is big wait till you see Wonder Womans invisible strapon.”

  12. Bend over, Jimmy Olsen.

  13. “Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Silicone!”

  14. Director of Marketing: “Was the catalogue photo shoot for floral sheets or phallic sheets?”

    Photographer: “Put them together, what could go wrong?”

    1. You won third place in the caption contest! Congratulations!

  15. …. and in that instant, Kal-El yielded – knowing as if by instinct that the Kryptonite’s penetrating power would both bring him to his knees, yet paradoxically endow him with superhuman strength.

  16. Something, something, Super Peg…


  18. “Diana, Supergirl is a blonde! Put on the wig!”

    “Sorry, Hal. I forgot tonight isn’t ‘Amazon Night.'”

  19. More powerful than a locomotive!

  20. More *pleasurable than a locomotive!

  21. Bend Over Rover reporter

  22. Let me just stick the tip in…trust me!

  23. Ok baby, time to make that orgasm audio for Ruby

  24. Ruby, Steven Gardner makes a good point…haven’t heard any orgasms here since yours…isn’t anyone contributing?

    1. No, sadly – no one is contributing orgasm recordings. Most of my listeners are male and would love to hear some women calling in….just sayin’!

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