Ruby’s Mo’ Better…

Well, yes...I myself have made the transition to a bigger dildo for my strap-on...

What was that like?  *thinks back*

Insanely...Erotic. I mean...I'm pretty simple; give me an ass to play with and I am transfixed, enthralled and dripping. But the added element of increasing the size of my strap-on brought to play a couple of fascinating possibilities...that I'd been too ambitious in my purchase (on the size end of things)...or even more hot to think about; that I had not been ambitious enough.

After all, though I had already been cruising my favorite internet sex toy purveyors for just the right was he who had asked me for something "a little larger". I swear...great minds.

Since it was made by the same company as one of my other dildos (Vixen Creations), I noticed with amusement that the container was the same, except larger (duh). Vixen dildos come in a plastic case that actually works great to store them in when not in use; keeps the lint off the silicone.  I removed it from its case and inserted it in the rubber ring. It was a bit more difficult to snap the leather straps that held the ring onto the harness. There was less room because of the larger diameter. The weight of it on me felt different; it hung (and swung!) heavier as I moved around. I wondered if it was similar to the weight of a real erect cock of that size and briefly fantasized about dancing men who can spin their cocks in circles. I thought someday I should try that...just to say I did.

My willing and eager Peggee was ready on his hands and knees on the bed. I took my time opening him up, knowing the size would challenge him. I enjoyed challenging him...and he welcomed the silicone gauntlet thrown down behind him, as it were. (Have you noticed, dear readers, that I lean just a tad dominant? Me and my stories? ...Yah...We'll talk about that later.) Eventually I worked four fingers into him almost to the second sphincter, I felt him push back to take them in deeper. It was time...

I pushed the head of my new toy against his delicious opening and was surprised when it sunk in the first inch pretty easily. But this new model, unlike the smaller one, was one that gets larger in diameter at the the further it goes in, the bigger it gets. I heard  him breathe deep, concentrating and consciously relaxing to accept the girth as I pushed in gradually; Totally Hot Moment. At the halfway mark he asked me to stop for a moment, wait...pull out just a bit. A little time to adapt. I stroked his back and his ass, giving him all the time he needed. Before long, it was buried to the hilt and he was making a variety of noises of pleasure. Turns out the larger dildo stroked his prostate more that the smaller one.

I pegged him...long slow strokes... for some time. He moaned...a lot (another THM - I am such a freakin' audiophile!). Then I found just the right angle to hit just the right spot. He immediately told me I'd found the magic spot ("OMGaaaaawdd... Right there!!"), thereby signaling me to continue that exact thrust over and over again as his orgasm built. He stroked his cock as I fucked him and before long, although it was at the end of a long night of play with several previous orgasms for him, he came again.  He told me later that the orgasm felt like it was mostly from the prostate stimulation and just helped over the edge by stroking his cock. The Power of the Prostate, Ladies and Gentlemen.

If you want to know the exact two dildos described, check my last blog post; there are links to both. If you want to see the smaller one a deep breath, squirm in your chair, lick your lips here. Enjoy.

As Always...Happy Pegging.

Ruby Ryder

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