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I have spent time on this website telling the gentlemen that if you indulge in the pleasures of pegging, you will not suddenly turn gay. I have spent time emphasizing to the ladies as well, that if you peg your guy he will not suddenly develop a proclivity for the same gender. Those reassurances were intended to make you more amenable to the idea of pegging, and to separate it from the realm of gay anal sex...for your comfort level in exploring new sexual territory.

I point this out because...I happen to feel very strongly about gay rights. The fact that there is a segment of our society who is not granted equal rights due to their sexual choices is a complete and utter travesty that everyone should be working hard to remedy.

Donate some money to the Human Rights Campaign. Volunteer your help at a local LBGT organization headquarters. Write letters to your representatives. Help to create a world where every senator would be outraged that there was a military ban on serving your country if you were discovered to be gay, instead of working hard to make sure that ban stayed in place despite the fact he has a gay daughter (McCain). Talk to your friends and family about it. Follow the progress of "don't ask don't tell" and same sex marriage issues so you know what's going on in this country.

And when you get really frustrated and pissed off about the narrow-minded fanatical bigots who are working so hard to pretend that gays don't exist or can be "cured" or don't deserve equal is a little song you can sing (Word got round that Dan Savage played this song on one of his podcasts I had to track it down.):

From my perspective, and I do recall Dan Savage mentioning this in some context...we got some great kinky sex ideas from gay people! Don't we owe them something?

Ruby Ryder

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