Who’s Driving?

I came across a website that was comparing the Feeldoe to the Share for strap-on fun that is stimulating for the Pegger as well as the Peggee.

Since this will be my next acquisition, I read the information with relish. User reviews abounded and they were fascinating to read. Seems that the Share is better for your G-Spot and the Feeldoe is better for clit stimulation. The Feeldo has a vibe option and the Share does not. There was a lot of discussion about how difficult it was or was not to keep the dildo inside you while you are pegging your guy and the possible use of a harness to keep them where you want them. Some women have trouble keeping either one in while pegging a guy.

I found this comment particularly hilarious and quite descriptive:

"I'm a Driver. It matters a bit less if you are a Pillow Princess."

Oh my Gawd, that is priceless!

My immediate disparate visions were:

A wild, strong, amazonian woman who basically fucks the shit out of her guy, hair clinging to her tan, sweat-covered body, her muscles standing out with exertion...Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" filling the room with a base beat that can't be ignored. Here we have the "Driver"...her man hangs on for the ride...and prays.

A feminine, lacy, smell-good girlie-girl whose every hair is in place, her head resting softly on a pink satin pillow while her man gently and daintily rides her dildo...with strains of Vivaldi's Four Seasons playing in the background. Here we have the "Pillow Princess"...her man does all the work for her...and doesn't muss her hair or makeup in the process.

I am more a driver, to be sure...but there are times when the amazon needs a break and that pillow works just fine while he rides me unrestrainedly. No thanks on the pink satin, though. I'm not much into pink. However, I did notice that these fine toys are both my favorite color - purple!

Ruby Ryder

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