How to Enjoy Cooking

I knew that look. Whenever she had that look, I was in for a night to remember. I walked through the door, arriving home after work and that look was all over her face, unmistakably so.

"Welcome home, Honey. How was work?" There was that sly smile again.

"Work was fine, thanks... but I am more interested in what you have planned tonight." I tried to tease it out of her. This tack was usually unsuccessful but I tried it anyway.

"You'll find out. When I'm ready to let you find out...." She laughed, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me in that way she had that turned my knees to jelly.

Wow. Life was good. Friday afternoon after a long week at work. I walk in the door to my lovely girlfriend who regularly surprised me with freakin' hot find she'd been making plans for tonight. Those kind of plans. I knew my role.

Coming up for air between kisses I murmured, "Fair enough. What are my instructions tonight?"

"Change out of those stuffy clothes, put on something comfortable and start making dinner. I set everything out for you."

"Yes, Ma'am." Kissing her one last time I hurried to comply with her wishes. Off with the suit, on with the soft velour sweats...naked underneath as she Heading into the kitchen I found the makings for a simple dinner of baked chicken drumsticks, steamed vegetables and a salad. I had just gotten the chicken in the oven by the time she returned. I was at the sink washing my hands.

"OOoooo...perfect timing. How long before you have to start the rest of the dinner, Baby?"

"About half an hour." I smiled inwardly. That question was a bit of a test. She had taught me to cook. I had listened well and was now pretty passable in the kitchen. Half an hour...Mmmmm. Wonder what she had in store for me this time. Would we spend the next half hour in the hot tub? On the couch? In bed? The kitchen table? With this woman I never knew.

"Perfect..." She purred, coming up behind me. Running her hands over my back, she explored my strong shoulders, my back and my ass. I was suddenly in no hurry to leave the sink. Her breasts pressed up against me, I could feel her nipples hard under her t-shirt. She pushed her hips against mine.

Oh God. She was packing! I could feel it against my ass...between my cheeks! My cock immediately hardened in excitement. Jesus I loved it when she fucked me.

"Well, Honey..." She pushed me over the sink and gently kicked one of my feet to spread my legs, "I do hope you're comfortable because you're going to be right here for the next half hour...."

"Oh my God..."  I closed my eyes, felt her pull down my pants to expose my ass. My cock sprung free, too, and I felt it bump against the counter. I heard her jeans unzip and knew she was pulling out her cock, lubing it up. I felt the tip of it nestle against my ass...teasing. was most definitely good.

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