A Happy Solstice to You All

For me, Solstice is a time of reflection and renewal...a time to look back on the year with mindfulness and gratitude.

First, I would like to shout from the virtual rooftops a big thank you to Dan Savage. Had I not listened to him consistently encouraging people to embrace their kinks on his sex advice podcasts...I would not be where I am today; wearing a strap-on dildo and writing pegging erotica! That's quite a visual, actually...even if I don't normally do them at the same time.

I am rather amazed at my path this past year. I have always been a writer of erotica, but never had the courage to put it out there for the general public to read. That has changed in a big way. This year Literotica was good to me! One of the stories I posted there rated number one in the BDSM category for a 30 day period. There are so many stories posted there. To garner even that level of recognition felt like a big push from the universe to...keep on writing.

So I have. I really appreciate all you story club members who receive my erotic stories every month. As I flex different writer's muscles the stories you get have been quite varied. I hope they have brought you excitement, ideas, and hot times. Remember, I welcome your feedback, always (you know where to find me).

Last but far from least - you readers of my blog - wow! I am humbled by your interest and your loyalty. I strive to bring you a nice mix of questions, personal experience, toy information and erotic shorts. I know you could be doing something else with that mouse hand, so I try to make it worth your while. Thanks for following my blog. You rock.

I look forward to the shift from darker days back to the light. Kinda feels like that's what has happened to me all year...I'm coming back to a lighter way of being. I am dancing with joy at the pure pleasure of being exactly who I am. And a lot of who I am is about pegging! Glad to have you along for the ride.

Happy Pegging,

Ruby Ryder

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