Savage Love on MTV?

Followers of my blog have heard me talk about Dan Savage before.

He was instrumental in the creation of the word "Pegging".

I attribute my "coming out" into the world with my pegging kink and pegging stories to Dan - who consistently advises exploring and embracing your (safe and consensual) kinks. He started the "It Get's Better Project", which has surely touched millions of lives, gay or straight. Dan is a syndicated sex advice columnist and podcaster of  "Savage Love".

Well the latest news is that MTV asked Dan to do a pilot show of him on college campuses answering questions about sex! There are a number of YouTube videos of Dan doing that exact thing, as he has traveled to colleges and universities and held court in auditoriums with young people, answering their questions...about Sex. He does so with humor, playfulness, wisdom and occasional bitchiness - which makes for great entertainment.

I don't watch TV much...I don't have cable. But if Dan got a show, I would find a way (via Hulu or Netflix or whatever) to see that program. Dan has a particular brand of sage and sometimes graphic advice that is pure poetry. He is often brutally honest; telling it like it is. Yet his general view of sexuality is so healthy. As long as no one is getting hurt and it is consensual, party on. I can't help but think that might push this country just a little bit more towards a sex-positive attitude.

Go, Dan Savage!!!!!

MTV - you'll be lucky to have him.

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