Size Discrepencies…

How does one handle size discrepancies???

NO - I am not talking about Dildos...Or Penises.

You people have such dirty, dirty minds...I love you all!

I am talking about body sizes. What happens when the pegger and the peggee have different body frame sizes and different leg lengths? Here is a question from a reader:

Ms. Ruby, How tall are you can I ask?  I'm 5'2 and as you can imagine all the guys I peg are like 6' feet and up...I normally do them on the side, back, or doggy, but I want to get it so I'm not like this tiny thing poking away at a giant....any suggestions?

Dear Reader:

Since you are small, you could lay them face down and actually lay on top of them. This requires a longer dildo because the insertion is not as deep that way and a longer dildo will not fall out as easily...but it is a sweet position for the prostate stimulation. He can keep his legs together with your legs on the outside or the other way around. Try both and see what you like best. This position eliminates penile stimulation, but it's very erotic to have the full body-length contact.

You can try certain "slings" that will let him lay on his back and will keep his legs up without either one of you having to hold them. Here is one that has great reviews and is reported to be the most comfortable compared with many of the cheaper slings. If you use a sling - you don't have to depend upon your strength or his to keep his legs up in missionary position.

One way that can give you a feeling of having more control of the strokes for doggie style is to have them wear a belt (or a pretty harness) sort of like this:
and you can even tie their hands to it as well. The point is, you can pull on that belt while you are pegging him and get awesome leverage....

I am 5'11", and my guy is 5'9". We were on the phone last night and I read him your message - he said it is not the size of the pegger that makes a difference, it's the size of the peg! At that point we both dissolved into fits of

Happy Pegging!

Ruby Ryder

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