Hard Times at the Hotel

"Leave the door unlocked. Be naked and hard. I want to open the door and find you with my glass of champagne in one hand and your dick in the other." Those were my instructions when I was 5 minutes away from the hotel. Even though I set the stage to my preference, it's still a thrill to find you actually naked and hard, your hands occupied exactly as I requested. Without a word I bring your lips to mine and taste you, taking advantage of your busy hands to slide my own over your warm naked body.

I sink into the overstuffed chair. You kneel at my feet, take off my heels and rub my feet while I enjoy my champagne. Then you unpack my bag, laying out the toys and imagining how each one will feel if I decide to use it on you. I pull you into my arms and we kiss, slowly savoring each other’s lips and tongues for a long time until I am wet with anticipation.  I love the way you kiss. I run my hands over your nakedness. Your ass in my hands feels so good. There is something I love about you being naked and me not. Easy access. I can kiss you and slide my hand over your butt, slipping a finger between your cheeks and stroking your anus softly while our tongues dance.  You quiver under my touch and I smile.

When I am in control you are only allowed to touch me where and when I permit it. Most of the time you follow the rules well, but this night you are in the mood for a spanking. I ask you to undress me and you do so slowly and sensuously; the removal of each piece of clothing an extended caress. Then you intentionally break the rules by taking my breasts in your hands. I pull away with a gentle admonition. I know what you are asking for.

I move to the edge of the bed and beckon to you. For your punishment you lay over my lap with your ass presented. I can feel you hard against my legs in anticipation. You’ve assumed this position many times before and I know you love it. I begin slapping each cheek with my bare hand, enjoying the redness that appears and your small grunts as my hand connects with your ass. After your ass is hot and red and you are squirming in my lap, I tell you to lay face down on the bed with a pillow under your hips. I play with your ass, opening you up slowly, teasing you with fingers and toys for some time. Playing with your ass definitely makes me wet. Finally I use a large plug to fill you up and you struggle a bit to accept its intrusion.

My turn, now. Tonight I’m in the mood for a massage and you happily comply, kneading my muscles until my tension dissolves under your touch. You feel the plug in your ass every time you move. You know you will be feeling more than that plug tonight, and can hardly wait. But my pleasure comes first. Taking your time, you slowly use your lips, tongue and fingers to excite me. Your hands never stop moving, stroking every part of my body and into my pussy until I am reaching for your touch. Your tongue on my clit is maddeningly pleasurable. You’re good at this. I have trained you well. The kissing, the spanking, playing with your ass, and your sensual, talented tongue and fingers work their magic on me. Before long I am writhing with a powerful orgasm and moaning my ecstasy; music to your ears. You know the better you please me, the more chance you have of getting fucked. Tonight you have absolutely earned it.

I tell you to get in position. On your hands and knees on the bed you push your ass in the air like a present I get to unwrap. I stand back for a moment just to look at you. You are incredibly hard in anticipation and your cock is dripping. Your ass is pink from your spanking and the base of the plug is nestled between your cheeks.

I decide to fuck with you a little. Your ass still filled with the plug, I turn you over and lay my naked body against yours, head to toe, kissing you hard like I could eat you, pressing my pussy against your cock. Then I look into your eyes and warn you not to come...not yet. Moving down, I take your cock in my hand, making you jump a little. I slowly run my tongue around the head, watching you watch me. The effort it takes you not to come as I slide my hot wet lips and tongue all the way up and down you several times puts a look of pain on your face, but I'm not fooled. You are in heaven.

Now it’s time for other things, though. My mouth caresses you one last time and then I turn you back over onto your knees. I slowly move the plug in and out, and you gasp. It’s the largest plug I have and I know it is stretching your ass; pushing your limits. I press it in again and grab my strap-on from the toys. I stand next to the bed and direct you to watch me put it on and think about how it is going feel inside you. Your face is flushed with passion as you gaze at me fastening the leather buckles and spreading lube over the length of the dildo.

The fat plug has opened you up nicely. I push 2 fingers in and massage your prostate. You whimper softly and lean back against my fingers. It's time for your reward. I place the head of my dildo against your ass and shove gently. After the plug, my dildo slips in without a struggle, all 7" of it. I watch it slide into your gorgeous ass, and feel you meet my penetration eagerly. I love it when you do that. Watching this, I'm so wet I'm dripping.

I begin to slowly pull all the way out and slide back in, delighting in the noises of pleasure you are making with each stroke...letting you feel the full length of the dildo as I make your ass mine. You continue to push back, meeting my thrusts. Your muscular ass looks heavenly, spread open and filled up. I fuck you for a long, delicious time until I feel sweat running down my back.

Sinking into you, I press my body against yours. I tease your nipples with my fingers, pinching and flicking them as I kiss the back of your neck. I tease my own nipples by brushing them against your back, all the while buried inside you, motionless.

I pull out and you make a small sound of disappointment. Flipping you over, I put one of your legs over my shoulder and you gasp as I enter you again. I begin thrusting into your ass, locking eyes with you, watching your pleasure.

The word "Yes" comes out of your mouth, over and over, with increasing volume, every time I push into you. I let go of any concerns that you are still enjoying your fucking. Then I lube up my hand and grab your tortured cock. I slide my hand up and down you firmly while I thrust deep and fast into your ass. You take about 30 seconds of this and then start to roar with passion as you shoot copious amounts of cum onto your belly and even as far as your chin. Every time I fuck your ass, the sheer volume of cum astonishes us both. You have even set personal distance records when I am pounding into you. Eventually your spasms subside. You are still breathing hard.

I gently pull out and lay next to you, rubbing your cum into your stomach and chest while you twitch and tremble for a while, still recovering from the intensity of your orgasm. I look around the room at the evidence of our passionate coupling; clothes and toys everywhere, bed covers on the floor. I know you got what you asked for when you called me this morning and said, “Surprise me”.

You've done well tonight, so I let you have a glass of champagne. Pulling up the covers, we curl up together and drift off to sleep.


© Ruby Ryder

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  1. I want a girl like this haha but my girlfriend’s a virgin, and it’s like they say, I gotta take it one step at a time.

    Regardless, loved your story. It made me hard as fuck.

  2. A beautifully choreographed story that I felt I was living as I read. From the initial insructions given in the beginning, to the curling up together to go to sleep, I felt like I was living the experience. I gasped, moaned, breathed, and had physical reation right along with him. A loving and romantic story that dreams are made of.

  3. Thanks, Sykiknot. As I explained in the MP3, this was one of my first writings I did in answer to a question on a dating website. “Describe your favorite sexual fantasy.” To say I got a lot of responses is an understatement. I had no idea there were so many men out there that so wanted…what I wanted to give them.

  4. This humble inferior male submissive truly enjoyed this story. Like the character in the story, any attempt to touch my Queen’s perfect breasts without her explicit permission would not be tolerated. i would be so fortunate for the punichment to result in a red ass, and a good pegging!! It would make for a perfect evening!

  5. This story goes against the grain of so much erotica and porn and it’s refreshing. My girlfriend and I love pegging but it is always done with love and passion and not like it is portrayed in porn. I read your article about how porn ruins pegging and I couldn’t agree more. I like feminisation and wearing make up because it’s fun and I like committing to the role switch but this doesn’t have to be part of the experience for everyone. This is my favourite site for good erotica and even better advice. Also the stories get me in the mood for a good Fucking 🙂

    1. Also the stories get me in the mood for a good Fucking.

      With a capital “F” no less!
      Thanks for all your kind words. You are the kind of reader I write for – who enjoys something a cut above the usual stuff out there…always consensual and loving and as erotic as I can put the words together…

  6. OMG Ruby! The other day I said I said that I might be persuaded. Last night I watched strapon masterclass, and just read your wonderful story. Now there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever and I really want to do this badly!

    When I was in my twenties I became a devotee of the older woman when I was seduced by a woman thirty years older than me and I was changed completely

    Thanks to you and your website you have started another change to me that I think I am going to love. Thank you x

    1. Peter! How incredibly exciting for you! Glad to have been instrumental in your discovery of a new erotic territory.

      That’s the first story I wrote. Wait ’till you read the others… 😉

      1. Hi Ruby. The more I read about pegging, the more resolved I am to make this happen. My partner will not even consider such an act. We have become intolerant with each other. Maybe fate is playing a hand but I am determined to find someone who I can do this with. Will keep you updated.

  7. I’ve just started a relationship
    with an amazing man
    We are both very adventurous
    and pegging is on our list
    I have been researching this
    and your site has helped so much
    But now I’ve read this story it’s what’s
    been going on in my head and the need
    to do this to him is huge now
    He’s in for some loving fun and games

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