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How many men have you pegged? From your blog it seems it is your life's mission!

Hmmmm. Perhaps just a playful comment. But I must say it kinda pissed me off. I do love pegging, you all know that. But I felt a bit of slut-shaming in those words...a bit of sex-negative backlash because I am a woman who openly talks about and writes about my sexuality, what I like and how much I like it. And as a woman, all too often judgment comes down on women who openly claim, celebrate and embrace their sexuality.

I guess the implication (taken to its extreme) is that since I talk about it and write about it (and teach about it!) that I must be going from man to man plying my trade as it were...waving my dildo in invitation to any male ass in sight. (there is a video in there somewhere...)

So...One of my life's missions is to spread the word about the pleasures of pegging far and wide, and in doing so, help couples to find more excitement and pleasure in their sex lives.

Another life mission? I am a hedonist. I find things that give me pleasure and I do them...regularly. Pegging (and sex in general), massage, good champagne, excellent food, good conversation, quality get the idea.

Oh, and I love porn...good porn.

I write porn...I like to think it's good porn.

And yes...all too often when I am in the grocery store I get mesmerized by a sweet, muscular ass that I can just envision sinking my strap-on between the cheeks of. Fuck yes. So sue me.


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  1. You tell it like it is Ruby! Fantastic article! You are a doing a favor for a lot of people by spreading the word about pegging. Do not let the judgement of others get in the way between you and your desires, which are amongst the same as LOTS of people. And besides, what man would not want a gorgeous women staring up and down at his muscular ass?!?!?!

  2. Hey Pete,
    Thanks for the encouragement! Those sex-negative people get a rise out of me sometimes. But for every one of that type of comment I get 50 others asking how a man can tell his woman he wants to explore pegging.

    I’m definitely going to keep staring at the asses, no worries there…

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