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I have a small book filled with thought provoking questions. The title is "How Far Will You Go?" On those lazy evenings with friends or family over, you can pass the book around and choose a question to answer...or even more fun is if someone reads you a question and you don't get to pick it. You find out things about the people you are with.


This book has been on my shelf for some time, ignored. I was thinning down my library and found it again, pulled it out of the bookcase and left it out. I was leafing through it yesterday when I found this question:


"What is the best thing you have ever put in your mouth first thing in the  morning?"


A cock. Absolutely and positively and without a shred of a doubt. Even better if I can smell the sex from our previous night's love-making.


Beats out the strawberries, the raspberries, the fresh squeezed orange juice, the piece of chocolate, the piece of salami (yep, I did that once and totally charmed my Italian boyfriend) and my lover's tongue.


Great question!

Ruby Ryder

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