First of cool is it that Wikipedia has the only formal definition of sexual pegging available on the internet? (Especially since one can also peg out their laundry, indulge in tent pegging or even study currency pegging.) Before long, the sexual pegging definition will end up in every dictionary, at least all the ones that include the juicy sexual references. For now it is a neologism, which means a word in common usage but not yet accepted into the mainstream.

And...the wonder that is Wikipedia goes one better than the definition.

How about listening to a man with a proper English accent (Simon!) actually read the Wikipedia definition for pegging out loud? Awesome!!! There is something delightfully contrasting about a Brit reading a sexual reference aloud that just tickles me...

Check it out here.

This is a part of the Spoken Wikipedia WikiProject.

We live in a great time...!

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