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Here at Pegging Paradise I throw words up on the screen in whatever way pleases me. Then you guys tell me that you like what I write! I am always just a little amazed and so very appreciative. I love writing. I love pegging. Perfect combo in my world. To be able to do what I love and have others enjoy it so much makes my world pretty damn rosy, I gotta tell you. And you are an essential part of that formula.


So here's my request: If you enjoy what you read, consider nominating me for the "Top Sex Bloggers of 2011". Here's the link. When you nominate someone you are entered into a drawing to win sexy stuff, too. Full explanation at the website.


Thanks, oh readers of Ruby's porn!
Anais Getting Frisky (via NewRyder's Strapon Log)


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  1. Hi Ruby-
    I voted for you! I said in my comments and I believe it is true, you are assembling a body of work that will last for many years. You are helping to redefine what strapon sex is and can be. You are smart and funny, caring and giving.
    You are not saving the world, but you are helping to make it a better place.
    Walk tall and strap one on.
    Thanks Ruby!

    1. ryder – thanks! I so appreciate your vote of confidence and all the compliments. Your blog is contributing so much too, you know…visually with all the lovely images you post and with your poetic, gritty writing. I love your writing.

      Sykiknot and TJ – I saw your nominations as well – and got kinda teary-eyed.

      Thanks, guys. You rock.

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