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"Blowjobs are standard. Any make or model that doesn't come with blowjobs should be immediately returned to the showroom. "

Dan Savage and I agree.

Blowjobs should not be a "favor" for your partner.

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  1. You know – after reading this again I feel compelled to state that oral sex for the woman is standard, too. Any man that doesn’t come with oral sex should be returned to the showroom as well…and the non-BJ women and the non-oral sex men can live happily ever after together…in the showroom.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! You’re bound to love oral on your clit and vagina. With the right woman, I’d be just happy watching her squirm and light up. Its also intimate if its something only shared between the two of you. Hope you know what mean.

    If she does with me, I’ve got to return the pleasure for her, she deserves it at the very least.

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