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  • does pegging feel good to men?
  • does pegging mean your gay?
  • intimate strap on fuck
  • how does a woman learn to fuck
  • detailed pegging stories from women

These just give me the warm fuzzies! This tells me that people who really need to find me...are finding me.

Hooray for Google!


A treat from Sensual Pegging...



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  1. I was the one who searched for “intimate strap on fuck”. I’m so tired of porn that emphasize the humiliation aspect. I want my first pegging experience to be an intimate one.

  2. It’s a thing that is often difficult to talk about. I know many liberal and open-minded women who engage in attacks on a man’s masculinity for various reasons; never mind the guys who do the same. But I know there’s hope because I know there’s truly liberated people out there.

    1. I learned only recently the extent to which it is difficult for men to talk about pegging. Women are still transitioning because they’ve asked for years for men who are more sensitive and in touch with their emotions, and when they get one the old programming kicks in for some and they see these sensitive men as weak. Pegging brings out the vulnerable side of a man – it’s really beautiful.

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