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Arkansas Court Overturns Ban on Teacher-Student Sex

That headline certainly conjures up quite a picture. If you want to read the article on Reuters, it's here.

What we are talking about is a teacher having sex with a student over the age of 18. Well that certainly brings up two sides really quick. Student? No freakin' way! 18? Her decision entirely.

So a 37 year old teacher had a 5 month affair with an 18 year old student. Certainly a distasteful subject for most of us. Rife with the possibility of using a position of authority and trust to take advantage of a much younger person. The kind of things that make the hackles go up.

Arkansas already had a law on the books stating that teachers cannot have sex with their students who are under 21. Teacher goes to jail, sentenced for 30 years! That happened about a year ago in the circuit court of Arkansas. So the teacher took it to the Supreme Court.

I have no idea whether the teacher is a perv or not. He sounds rather unsavory, because he was also convicted of giving minors alcohol during parties at his house and then letting them drive. He will indeed serve 6 years for that because he plead guilty to the charge.

But the 5 month affair with the student? That got him 30 years.

Yes there is a law on the books in Arkansas that says if you are a student and you are under 21, your teacher can't fuck you. What saved the teacher? Supreme Court of Arkansas decided 18 is the age of sexual consent. Nice job, Arkansas Supreme Court.

Even if we would like to see the teacher held up as an example for all other teachers tempted to do the same Arkansas and everywhere.

He got fired and crucified in the school system, of course - well deserved.

But he will not spend 30 years in jail for having a very ill-advised sexual relationship with a consenting adult.

I think perhaps he will choose differently next time. Why?

Authorities say the girl reported the relationship after learning that Paschal had expressed interest in another girl.

If you date an 18 year old - you gotta expect 18 year old maturity.


And here is the Supreme Court decision.



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  1. I don’t know about the whole “taking advantage” thing. Maybe because it was a girl, but if it was an 18 year old guy? Yeah right. I remember when I was 18… I wanted to fuck all my hot teachers. In fact, to this day I still remember the navy blue panties with white stripes my 6th grade teacher was wearing the day she sat in front of the class on a barstool unknowingly giving me a show. I was 12 then, and definitely knew I wanted what I was looking at.

    I do agree that teachers shouldn’t have sex with their current students. However, I should be able to fuck a woman who just happens to be a teaher as long as I am 18 and not being taught by them.

    1. I hear you. There does seem to be a double standard according to gender in people’s minds but not in the law. Girls get taken advantage of and guys are denied a desired opportunity, though it can be the reverse.

      This girl was in fact his student for part of that time, which I definitely feel is wrong.

      Some years ago I lived with a roommate who was a teacher for a small high school level alternative school – pretty much for kids who couldn’t quite hack it in regular public school for whatever reason.

      She ran into a previous student she’d always had the hots for and he was 19. Their play was quite consensual if the headboard banging against the wall was any indication. I thought it was hot.

  2. Interesting news item, Ruby.

    I have mixed feelings about laws intended to protect children when they are applied to teens over 16 years of age. In my case, I had an affair with my senior year English teacher, who was 23. I was 17. Around graduation time, the whole school found out and I got a stern lecture from the Vice Principal. My teacher had already resigned and been accepted to grad school. My mother wanted to turn my teacher into the police, but my father convinced her otherwise, I’m glad to say.

    In hindsight, I have to say I’d do it again, but be more dicreet. I don’t know if she would say the same.

  3. @Dave – wow – thanks for sharing that story. Teenagers don’t always know how to be discreet, sadly.

    I slept with a college professor a few times but I was 19 or 20. I was actually his student, though! No grade changes that I recall – just mutual lust.

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