Day #24 Orgasm #26


So you get off? Is the first thing you reach for a book? Do you close your eyes and just fantasize? Do you dial up your favorite porn on the computer? I actually do a mix of all 3. Last night, though, I wanted something to watch. And I knew just where to go.

In the early days of trying to find out exactly what turned me on...after so many years of suppressing those thoughts...I stumbled upon a spanking website. Wow. I was glued to the screen. Three orgasms and 2 hours later I bookmarked the website and let my discovery sink in. Spanking was one of my kinks.

About a year later I had a memory surface of sitting there watching cartoons at my grandma's house. There was a spanking scene and it turned me on. I grabbed my crotch the way children do; unselfconsciously. I was spanked twice as a child. It was not pleasant. No erotic feelings at all. When I saw the cartoon I was probably around 6 or 7. I decided that this is what people mean when they say they are "hard-wired" for something. I am hard-wired for spanking, apparently.

Since then, I have reddened a few pairs of cheeks...the riding crop and paddles being my favorite tools. I do love to make a man squirm, get his butt red and hot...and then fuck him.


I'll be in my bunk.


Oh - and the website? For the fans of spanking and the you go.

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  1. So hot Ruby! You are right about wiring.

    I love spanking too. Letting go is so primal.

    I found my parents joy of sex book when I was 8-9. The part that really got my attention was the tease and denial with restraints. The there was one picture in particular where the man is restrained face-up and his partner is across the bed on her hand and knees with pussy spread and just showing off her sex to him. You can’t do anything about it! She has nice large and thick labia which just put me over the top! Mmmm.

    That wiring got me so into tease and denial. As the years went on, I pierced my foreskin to entomb my cock. I plugged and penetrated myself to learn to spread the pleasure and become multi-orgasmic.

    I also was caught from time to time with a vibrator and magazines in those ages of 9-14 and was made to feel dirty. I can only imagine how getting spanked for masturbating would make the whole experience so supercharged!

  2. The hows and whys of sexual development fascinate me. When I was spanked it had nothing to do with anything sexual. It was for some misdeed. But is was distinctly unpleasant. So why then would I have a sexual association with spanking? Not a clue. I just know I do, and did from a very young age.

    So to me, early influences (like your joy of sex discovery) are different from hard-wired. I guess I take hard-wired to mean you were just born that way. Like born gay. I was born getting a charge out of giving a spanking.

    Sorry to hear you were made to feel dirty. I wish parents would just mellow out about children’s sexual explorations – they are so natural and healthy. But there are those out there that see any sexual exploration in their children as something to be squashed and prohibited instead of giving them guidance and information. Sure keeps the therapists in business.

  3. H Ruby,

    THere are energy centers in the legs, thighs, and abdomen that store impressions and tend to be of an unconscious nature. I think spanking is a very primal act that plays with our loss of control, one of our favorite subjects!

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