Come vs Cum?

Yes, you have all probably noticed by now that I have a strong aversion to using the spelling "cum". I'm not sure exactly why. I mean - I use the words "cunt" and "cock" and all kinds of vulgar potentially offensive words in my writing...but spelling the word for ejaculate (or the word for ejaculating) as "cum" feels low class...sort of like text speak. The dictionary defines it as a slang of come.

Here's how I feel about it:

Come = Erotica

Cum = badly written porn

I discovered that the vast majority of male writers who write erotica use the spelling "cum". Fascinating.

I did some research before taking a stand on this. Before I posted my first story I researched the difference between the two, what has been said about both and how interchangeable they are. I settled on "come", used as both a noun and a verb. Here at Pegging Paradise I am thrilled to be able to make the rules...and that was one of my first.

So...come and take a gander at the lovely collections of words I offer about people who come in interesting ways and even a few about people who love the taste of come.


Other words I have a dislike for that can show up from time to time in erotica (not usually my erotica, though): boobs, tits, pecker, rod, gash and willy, to name - quite enough! Bleh.


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