Beginning or Finished?


What do you think? I think from his position on the bed and her smile - she just had her way with him.


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  1. You can’t fool me: this is a model posing, all model-ey like. There is no before OR after. Unless you count her getting changed and going home, then it’s ‘before’.

    Ferns (AKA Fantasy Killjoy)

    1. Ferns! You all-too-in-reality woman, you. LOL I am quite sure you are correct. She probably hasn’t ever even had the pleasure of using a strap-on. And perhaps the guy on the bed is gay?
      I’m looking for a picture of a rubenesque woman in bunny slippers and a strap-on…wielding a riding crop, ideally. No luck yet.

  2. It may be a modeling shot but damn it’s a good one. The look on her face seems to say “Look what I just did, and I’ll do it again”. This photo is the kind of stuff dreams are made of. Well, certain kinds of dreams anyway.

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