Hot Dick Pic

Did you think I was kidding? I warned you - it really is a dick pic. But Jesus Christ it's a gorgeous one. If only more men who want to share their lovely cock with the world had this level of creative picture-taking ability. This is infinitely sexier than a naked cock shot. This is absolutely beautiful! Here's the makes me wet. And makes my mouth water. Okay - I'll be quiet now.

Thanks, Irishman...

I need to go spend some time...with myself.


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    1. Here’s how I work (and why you got turned down)…if a man who I have had little or no interaction with asks if I am interested in receiving naked pics of him the answer is no. I can find more naked pictures of men I don’t know than I could possibly want on the internet in the time it takes to press one key on the keyboard.

      A man who has conversed with me and garnered my interest through intelligent, forthcoming, playful and lively discourse, however, is a different story. Seeing naked pictures of him is much more interesting and titillating.

      I hope this doesn’t end up in me getting a ton of emails from guys wanting to chat because, sadly, I actually have to work and do not have time to chat with everyone.

      What can I say? Some guys just strike the right cord when they write and we end up having a conversation. Others write and say, “I’d like to chat”. To me that feels like they are going to quiz me for information that is already available here on the website if they take the time to look, or they want to get advice about their specific situation involving girlfriend/wife and convincing her to try pegging.

      I wish I had the time to talk with everyone but I actually have to spend some time…writing! Imagine that.

  1. Hi Ruby, I love your site! Will be subscribing in a couple weeks or so….I am a happily married man of 23 years, there has been an interest within me (since long before my wife ) about “pegging”. I even went through some uncomfortable questioning of my sexuality. My wife toyed with the this kink once…made me crazy with desire for more.

    1. Welcome Bob P! Thanks for saying hello. Happy to hear you are enjoying the site. One of these days I’d love to talk with you about the questioning your sexuality part if you’re willing. You can send me a private message with the link at the bottom of the page.

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