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Sad to find this - though the signs were there..

Outlaw Leather


Maybe...just maybe...there is someone out there with the funding and wherewithal to keep Outlaw leather afloat. Some kinky person looking for a hobby in their retirement, or perhaps a young kinky person with entrepreneurial spirit who wants to build on the idea and expand the business.

I have their Annie-O harness and absolutely love it. It's the only harness I know of that can accommodate 2 flared-base dildos; one in him and one in me. There is nothing quite like feeling incredibly filled up while fucking my partner. And I can choose the size of dildo for each of us...I can choose a vib dildo in me, too. Love that harness. It's sexy as hell, too.

Come on...isn't there someone out there who wants to take this company and make it what it can be? ...Please?


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