A Tall Woman

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I am a tall woman. All of my life I have been aware of that fact - sometimes too aware. This was an experience that changed all that...


Met a guy for a first date. I am 5’11”, he is 5’9”. He asked me to wear heels, which made me 6’2”.

I also wore a calf-length skirt with no panties underneath as I was in a wild mood. After a nice meal and great conversation we sat on a bench in the park and tried out a first kiss, which was sensual and promising. I was feeling saucy and draped one long leg over his lap, informing him I had a 36” inseam. He groaned in response and I asked him what went through his mind in that moment? Was he actually picturing my legs wrapped around him or…?

No, he says…I’ll show you. He stood up, took both my hands in his and pulled me up off the bench. Then he took me into his arms, reached up and proceeded to give me the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced in my life. He didn’t just enjoy my height, he got off on it. He loves tall women.

I had never before felt so comfortable with a man shorter than me. In the past there was that little tight spot inside me because I felt just a tad too tall, especially when I was dating a man my height or shorter.

That tight spot melted away entirely in the heat of that kiss and has never returned.

Thank the Goddess for men like him.


♥Ruby Ryder♥



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  1. Good for you Ruby 🙂 I’d be a happy man as well. What’s there to be worried about? If you love someone, tall height shouldn’t matter. In fact, it will even help in the romance/sex department, feeling her body and arms wrapped around me as we kiss…

      1. Ruby my friend is 5’6″ and his wife is 6’4″. They have three kids and are awesome people. I have personally dated women who are taller than me. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman.

          1. I can’t help myself, thigh-high boots with heels are sexy. Combine that with a skirt on a long body. Its beyond tempting.

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