“Bend Over & Enjoy It!”

A happy pegging story...sent to me by "Pegged"

It was your site that finally explained to me why I should just bend over and enjoy it.

Health issues at 60 caused me to seek alternative means to penetrate my lady/woman. I wish for her to not be absent of the sensation of penetration, although she has convinced me that penetration on her is not always necessary with a penis. When seeking a mechanical means to satisfy her, I stumbled upon strap-ons for conventional role reversal.

After looking into Pegging Paradise, she and I decided to give it a try. WOW!!! Has our sex life ever been stimulated. I never knew how erotic anal play would be for me. I also enjoy anal play with her when she too is aroused.

The stigma is one thing men absolutely must get over at first --- if you enjoy anal stimulation by your female partner --- it does NOT make you gay. And NO --- you are NOT finding some latent homosexuality feelings in yourself. THAT is the biggest problem with men not giving into the feelings that they are actually denying not only themselves, but their lovers.

From what I have researched, and experienced first hand, women are unbelievably turned on by this practice. My partner has actually had orgasms from the play. And that is just from the mental stimulation in conjunction with the thrusting she does. She has claimed to actually be so into it that she can actually feel what a man feels with her new cock. She has such a look of lust on her when she is slowly pushing her cock (as she calls it) into my ass deep, and then withdraw it slowly until it's almost all the way back out again, and then repeat this for at least 15 or 20 minutes. Then she really gets into it and takes full control and fucks my ass like she wants a man to do her vagina, with a full thrust and pounding of my ass to give me everything she has got to give.

WHAT a time we have! Sometimes I'm her "Bend Over Boyfriend", and sometimes I'm her "On the Table, Bitch". She has taken me to a place that no other lover has ever taken me to. And as I told her, she can have my ass anytime or anywhere --- She OWNS it now!

It is not the only way we make love by any means, but  it's turned out to be so much fun and pleasure, I have to limit her demands for this to once every 3 weeks. Communication is "Key" to this practice though. And of course keeping the "bathroom" clean and prepped if possible before the play is also important.

Not only was I, but also my lover was very surprised how much we enjoy the play and how intense the orgasms were from the act. And I promise you, when a woman can make a man cum without his cock even being touched, it's the kind of thing to keep him on his own front porch --- if you know what I mean.

Once again Ruby --- thanks for helping to clear up some questions I had in the beginning and I frequently visit your site for new and lustful ways to expand this new form of such intimate lovemaking. My "cherry" has been taken and I'm sticking with the Excellent Woman/Lover who took it, for life.


Thanks, "Pegged". When I get letters like this I know I'm in the right place doing exactly what I should be doing. Spreading the word about pegging!


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  1. Hope my life takes that kind of loving turn. Its beautiful isn’t Ruby?

    Still have your everyday lives, mixed in with countless fun ideas like pegging…

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