Awesome Ass Men

Dear Ass Men,

Anal can be awesome, as you well know or are perhaps just discovering.

Sexual orientation...has nothing to do with what part of the body you enjoy having stimulated. You are the only one who gets to decide who you are attracted to, whether it's men or women or either or neither. And if anyone tries to assign you a sexual orientation based on what part of the body you enjoy having stimulated, laugh in their face at the ridiculousness of that assumption. Laugh at the temerity of anyone who thinks they know you better than you know yourself. And especially laugh at the exceptional ignorance of anyone who would actually use sexual orientation as a slur.

Then go on about your sexy business exploring your asses, fucking, pegging, rimming, plugging, fingering or whatever you most love.  Because you are the brave ones, dearhearts. You are the ones taking a deep breath and indulging in a first-class tour of your own bodies to discover all the pleasure you can handle. Not an adventure for the faint-hearted and don't you know it! There are few things more soul-touching and vulnerable and open and intense and even scary than welcoming someone in to...your ass.

I celebrate your courage amidst the ignorance, your openness amidst the fear and your willingness to be intrepid explorers of your own sexuality. Well done.




This public service announcement will be repeated on a monthly basis in an effort to deconstruct the myth that men who enjoy pegging are somehow, inherently gay.


Photo credits - google image search revealed that this gorgeous photo is a part of a book called Motels/Hotel. Here are more luscious photos for the ladies and bi-guys...all of "Todd Sanfield".




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  1. I love how your ‘he is not gay’-PSA has evolved over time. Feels like a piece of literature now!

    Plus, the guy in the photo/s is seriously hot!

    1. Thanks, Lars. I’m happy with the evolution. Feels less rigid, more welcoming and inclusive.

      And yeah…he’s totally fuckin’ hot!

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