Do I objectify men? Absolutely.

I look at the tight ass of the young man in the supermarket and wonder what it might be like to fuck him...if I could make him moan, make him come.

I objectify men in my mind with no apologies.

I fantasize about introducing guys I see to pegging and making them cry out with pleasure.

It makes walking around in the world much more fun.


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      1. Agreed about sometimes wanting to be the object of lust, whether for sex in general or pegging. Only know of one friend who enjoys pegging, she’s not interested in a relationship. Oh well…

  1. I wish you would have a conversation with my wife, maybe share some thoughts about the positive aspects of “pegging” She has no interest in this realm of play. & although I don’t subscribe to “pegging myself” frequently…I would love to have her on the other end, there is much more to the whole of “Pegging” than an ass full of toy!

    1. If your wife is open to it – this would be a good read for her. It’s what I enjoy about pegging. Gradual introduction to anal play seems to inspire some women when they see how intensely a man orgasms with prostate stimulation. Read this – “Convincing Her to Try It” – it might help. I totally agree; it is much more than asses and toys.

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