Outing Myself at the Market

I went to the gym tonight to work off some of the stress I'm feeling about talking to (hopefully) hundreds of people tomorrow about how pegging can deepen intimacy in a relationship.

I won't be talking to people who have chosen to attend a specific class about pegging or strap-on sex. Nor people in a BDSM club that are looking to add another kinky thing to their treasure chest of sexual choices. Nor to customers of a a sex toy store who are fascinated by the latest orgasmic gadget.

No, I get to attempt a motivational talk that first introduces the concept of pegging to the audience. I'm thinking they will be largely comprised of shy, intelligent and (hopefully a little perverted) geeks, engineers and brainy types attending a conference about geeky, engineer-type and brainy stuff...plus my strap-on sex talk. Then I get to deconstruct the myths and misconceptions around pegging, talk about the health benefits and finally...talk about role reversal and intimacy.

In fifteen minutes.


After my workout tonight I hurried over to a market that was about to close and picked up a little food. I was the only one at the checkout when the twenty-something beautiful cashier asked me politely, "How are you this evening?"

"Actually, kind of stressed out. Just finished a hard workout to calm down. I'm giving a talk in front of a lot of people tomorrow and I'm a little freaked out about it."

"Oh, wow. What's the talk about?"

"Well, you asked and so I'm going to tell you. Strap-on sex."

"That's awesome! Seriously. That is so awesome!"

"Thanks. It really is. It's my passion." I smile, grab my groceries and start to head for the door.

"Good luck!" She says the words with a huge smile on her face and I picture the conversations she will have with her co-workers after I leave.

The feeling that left me with is...Life is good.

I'm going to bring that feeling with me to the BIL conference tomorrow.



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  1. Good luck, Ruby, I’m sure you’ll have your audience’s attention – even geeks, engineers and brainy types can learn exciting new things. Wish I could be there. Let us know how it goes !

      1. 😀

        Amazing, simply amazing! I’ll have to keep closer track of your activities. I don’t want to miss your (eventual!) appearance on Katie Couric’s show!

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